Profits over gross! blog paul halme Apr 10, 2024

Profits over gross.
I'm going to keep saying this until basically I can't talk anymore.
Profits over gross!

 I'm going to ask you this same question I asked earlier this year:

What's your profit margin? This question just changes the game. 


I don't give a damn...

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The growth pillar... amy magers blog Apr 01, 2024

We previously talked about whether you have an objective based staffing model or a personnel based staffing model...

And this video specifically talks about the growth pillar.
There are four teams that make it up.

The first one is

Acquisition and marketing

I'm going to start with accountability....

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How do you operate at your highest level? amy magers blog Mar 20, 2024

When I went to Craig Ballentyne's Perfect Life Workshop, I really thought everything we’d learn there would be about ads, or getting leads, or marketing or whatever because that's what these guys do.

But I left that day with information about how to be healthier physically and how...

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Are you the number one choice in your town? blog paul halme Mar 13, 2024
When people are looking for a martial arts gym or whatever business you run, are you the one they see all the time?
Are you the one they see at the top of Google search?
Are you the one they see on Google Maps?
Are you the one they see on Google Local?
Are you the one they see on...
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How do I know if I have an objective based staffing model or a personnel based staffing model? amy magers blog Mar 06, 2024

Do you have staff right now?
Answer this question, 

"How do I know if I have one, objective based or personnel based?"

If you've ever said any one of these questions:
"If Mark left us, we'd be screwed."
"How can I ever replace Jen? That Jen, she's my right hand. I need her.

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Fail to WIN! blog paul halme Feb 21, 2024

Do you really need to fail before you succeed?

Can we skip the 'failing' part?

Back in 2001, I was a stockbroker.  
Everybody knows what happened in 2001.
I started in March, and in September, 9/11 happened, and I figured the stock market was going to implode and I would be unemployed. So, it...

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How bad do you want it? alan belcher blog Feb 14, 2024

We all have goals and you may not have hit your goal yet.
You may be working towards it and you just keep getting stuck.
I want to ask you something and I'm going to keep it real with you.

Are you sacrificing everything that you possibly can to hit this goal?
How bad do you want it?

Eric Thomas...

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What drives you? blog paul halme Jan 24, 2024

What drives you?

Think about that for a second.

What really drives you?

Is it your family?

Is it your relationships?

Is it your ego?

Is it some just drive you have that you don't understand?

I think that (partially) is my issue. I work hard so I could take care of my family, providing for them is...

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