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How do I know if I have an objective based staffing model or a personnel based staffing model?

amy magers blog Mar 06, 2024

Do you have staff right now?
Answer this question, 

"How do I know if I have one, objective based or personnel based?"

If you've ever said any one of these questions:
"If Mark left us, we'd be screwed."
"How can I ever replace Jen? That Jen, she's my right hand. I need her.
“Steve, we just need to clone you and we'd be good. If we could clone you like four times, then I would have everything I need because you just know what I need before I even say it, right?
“No one will ever be able to fill Monica's shoes."

You must have been sitting there.
"No one will ever be able to fill Monica's shoes ever."
Or this one. This is what we hear a lot.
"I'd love to hire someone, but I have no idea what they would do all day."

If these are the questions that you have in your head, which model do you currently have in your business?

Personnel based.
Like I said, 90% of them do.

Now here's the difference: if you can say any of these things:
"I want to grow faster, and I know exactly what I need to get more output from my business." 
"I know how to build a better machine with more horsepower. I know what to look for in my next employee because I can pinpoint the objectives of this position.
I know exactly what this person is going to focus on every day, or I'm not afraid to hire a new team member because I know what to tell them they're responsible for."

If you can say these things, what do you have?

Clear objectives! An objective based staffing model!