Instagram, Instagram, Instagram 🤔🤔🤔

blog paul halme Aug 16, 2019
I don't know about you but it feels like everything starts to move into Instagram!
It could be the visuals, the design and the 'less-drama' environment that it creates for people (as opposed to Facebook!) but clearly a lot of people now lean more towards Instagram.
Having said that, now is the best time to start positioning your brand and your business on Instagram.
Do you have Instagram for business page set up yet?
If the answer is no, get one set up now.
Start creating engaging posts and stories and start engaging with your local audience.
Don't sleep on it!
Instagram is still a young platform and full of so much potential for businesses.
A few years back, Facebook was at this stage and age until it has gotten so big that a lot of users are just kind of bombarded (and quite honestly, turned off!) by so many ads.
So don't wait.
Get your Instagram business set up.
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Your Worst Enemy

alan belcher blog Aug 14, 2019

Yo, what up high achievers? How're you guys doing?
If you ever wondered, by the way, why I'm doing a video in my car. It's literally because I didn't have enough time. Probably, I'm a little bit off-routine.

I'm not the type of person that stays on routine. I'm the type of person that has to make a routine and then try to stay on it and eventually get back on track. A lot of you guys are probably like that too.

But today what I want to talk to you guys about is destroying your worst enemy, crushing your competition. And your competition is you. Simple. That's me. My competition is me

It doesn't matter if you're a seven-year-old playing baseball. I say that because my son is seven years old and he played baseball. You know, he kind of reminds me of some of the talks that I've had with him about getting in your own head.

Probably what I should have said first in this and it will get your attention. But getting in your own head. You get in your own head. The anxiety. That's what I want...

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blog paul halme Aug 09, 2019

I've read all the books, taken all the courses, been to some of the highest level masterminds in the world but I always get something different from the events that I go to.

A lot of times, the speakers and the presentations involve a lot of selling... but I get so much out of networking... From talking to people who are in the same situation that Im in, or even better, they are in the position that I want to be in!

When you go to events, you might know some people or you might not know anyone- Just network.

Talk to people.

Look for the ones who are doing what you want to do and get around them. That's the real key to getting all the stuff to work.

For sure you can study. You can become that 'technical nerd' (which I was at one point) but my business wasn't growing the way I wanted it to grow.

Then I started networking and talking to people who have done it.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bold move and ask them how they've reached that level.

You will notice that a lot of people are...

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Are you ready for the next recession?

blog paul halme Aug 01, 2019

This may be a weird topic. 

I know we normally talk about online traffic, digital marketing,etc... BUT, I also came  from a financial background and survived the 2008 (horrible!) recession!

Historically speaking, we are way overdue with the economy! It's been so good over the last 10 years but we know it's coming. There's no doubt about it. It could be in the next 3 months or 3 years, we don't know!

But mentally preparing for that as a business owner is super important!

When things start going bad, the worst thing you can do is cut down on your marketing. Some business owners just get crazy and they'll stop running ads, stop their marketing and cut their costs on almost everything.

In a real recession, people are still going to spend money. And depending on what industry you are in, people are still going to pay for services they think are important. Don't stop marketing/selling gym memberships because people are still going to keep their minds occupied and keep themselves...

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Line Up Your Resources

alan belcher blog Jul 31, 2019

It's time for a reality check. If you've got big goals, the reason why you may not be hitting those goals is because you're not aligning your resources with your goals.

So I'm gonna show you here, there are three different resources that you have, possession of, that if you're honest with yourself you'll realize you're probably not lining them up.

So maybe you want to make $100,000 a year or you want to be a professional athlete or something. Who knows? I don't know.

But the number ONE resource that you have, we're not getting any more of it is TIME, okay? Your time is being spent on things that are not congruent and lined up with your goals, you're wasting all this time.

If you just line up your time with your goals, you'll be a lot more successful. And a lot of people are messing up there. They say I don't have time. Wake up earlier. Be more productive. There's a lot of different ways that you can save time and spend time doing the right things. Cut some of that garbage,...

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Dollar?

blog paul halme Jul 26, 2019

How do you get the most bang for your marketing buck? 

That’s what we are talking about this week. 

Did you know that the simplest way to get to a massive audience with the least amount of money is through videos? It doesn't have to be professionally done. But it must be decent and clear enough for people to hear and understand that you can help them - with their business, marketing or whatever it is that you are good at. 

Your videos can start with a hook like, “Hey, are you looking to get in shape?” Or “How many years have you been diet-ing and exercising without seeing results?” and then build up your content from there... 

In a perfect world, we want people to watch our videos until the end. But really, chances are, they won’t... Or they’d just watch half of it or the first 10seconds and they’ll scroll through… 

So, how do you work around this? 

Here’s the secret sauce: 

  • Run an...
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Facebook Story Mistakes You Might be Doing!

blog paul halme Jul 19, 2019

I know we’ve talked about stories (Facebook and Instagram stories) quite a lot lately but we’ll go over stories AGAIN on our Traffic Tip today.

I’m seeing quite a lot of mistakes from what other people are doing…Some people create stories on Instagram with specific Instagram features on it. Then cross-post it to Facebook stories. This  creates 'incongruencies' because you’ve used features that works well on one platform but totally don't on the other.

IMPORTANT- When creating your stories, make sure  you create slides or videos specific to your platform.

Yes, you can take the same image, same background, same texts but make sure that the features you add are specific to the social media platform you’re on.

Instagram story features such countdowns, mentions, chat and music work well on Instagram but these DO NOT work on Facebook stories! When someone from Facebook views your Facebook story with those Instagram features on, it’d...

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What You Should Talk About On A Live Video- Facebook/Instagram Marketing

alan belcher blog Jul 17, 2019

Hey! What's up? I'm about to show you guys a explain to you what you should do whenever you do a live video on Facebook or Instagram? I get this question all the time and I'm going to break it down for you because this is probably one of the biggest problems that I can help people solve whenever they're trying to make more money with social media.

Alright, you want me to create content on social media but I don't know where to start, I don't know what I am talking about.  That's what I'm going over with you today in this video. 

I've been teaching strategic social media influence for awhile. what is strategic social media influence? it is the strategic way to figure out what you should talk about in your content so it is literally what I teach is what you should talk about in your live videos, your Instagram, Facebook lives, your Facebook post, your blog, post your emails, all that I follow a specific strategy.

Those of you that have been wondering when someone gonna come...

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blog paul halme Jul 12, 2019

Last week, I talked about the power of email. Having a traffic source that's uniquely your own. I also promised some ninja tricks and we’re going over those today.

First, import your list of current members- people who’ve been to your gym, your past and current members. Then upload the email list to Facebook. If you have small audience, create a Facebook "lookalike" audience. Check out this detailed instruction on how to create a lookalike audience here.

You can choose from 1% up to 3% similarity depending on how populated your area is. You do this because you want to closely target people who share the same interests as your current list a.k.a. people who already paid for your services and have given you their money.

From here, you create a Facebook ad targeting this lookalike audience. You might want to do an ‘awareness' type of ad or something similar. Your top of the funnel/landing page should tell people exciting. What exciting things are going on and are...

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Inconsistency: Business Killer

alan belcher blog Jul 10, 2019

One thing killing your success and your goals and it's your consistency.

I'm gonna be talking about how every day is game day and I'm gonna give you guys some stuff that you can do every single day if you have big goals. 

Now, I want to challenge you to think about your goals and say, "Hey, am I really aligning my resources with my goals?". 

What's your most valuable resource? TIME---- time is your most valuable resource. 

What I want you to do is I want you to tell me in the comments are you doing everything that you can do to treat every single day like it's the game day and keep working towards your goal?

All right, and I want you to put your goals on all grow up to the side. 

Are you trying to improve your income? improve your business revenue? 

Are you trying to scale your company? Grow your Instagram and your Facebook? Start a business? 

I challenge you to really be honest and say are you doing everything it takes? 

So, I'm gonna give you a...

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