10 Reasons To Join Tribe

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2018

Tribe is our highest level program that yields the best, fastest and most sustainable results!

We not only coach you but we also do your marketing as a bonus!

So let's get to it.. here are the 10 reasons you must stop waiting and wishing and join us as soon as possible.


Reason number 1: Every Day Is Gameday

Every day you are held accountable for your results.

You want to know the difference between successful gyms and gyms that are stuck on the same plateau, year after year?

The success comes from being full time, every day.

Setting and monitoring the one thing that you need to do.

We help you dial in your key number goals and hold you accountable every single day.

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Reason 2: Coaching

Everyone needs a coach... you need to be pushed, pulled, motivated and constantly reminded what YOU want and what YOU signed up for!

You need someone that is dialed in to your goals and will stop at nothing to help you get there.

And the more...

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How to Sell out a Seminar Without "Selling"

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2018

Jiu Jitsu seminars create excitement & foster camaraderie. They can bolster a student’s lagging desire to train & they are the perfect opportunity for your students to train with their idols.

And there’s no shortage of BJJ practitioners & famous fighters looking to fill their seminar schedule. High level talent is out there, ready & willing to supplement your teaching and create a more well rounded training program for your students.

Then why are so few academies hosting seminars with big name talent?

Money… specifically, fear of losing a LOT of it. Hosting seminars can cost some serious coin… and it SHOULD! Anyone who is worthy of conducting a seminar has dedicated their lives to mastering their skills. They should be compensated fairly for their time & experience, in addition to their travel & lodging.

So how can the average academy owner host a big name seminar & cover the thousands to needed to simply break even? Easy! You...

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10 Reasons To Come To Combat Business Live 2

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2018

Reasons to go to Combat Business Live 2 in New Orleans presented by SPARK

  1. Duh it's New Orleans !! One of the countries top destinations ... culture, music, food!! So much fun. And you'll be hanging with me 
  2. Nola airport is direct and cheap. Spirit tickets less than $150.
  3. You can go cheap or Luxury on your hotel and both are affordable. There are so many amazing historical hotels that aren't high priced.
  4. Forget the expense, the value is nuts.. The top Martial Arts business owners, sales trainers, mindset experts, celeb guests , will be there.. check out the website!
  5. Again... New Orleans food ♥
  6. You'll get to meet and mingle with successful owners doing what you want to do in some area. Networking is powerful. My Tribe clients are on point, and you need to see how they think, and behave.
  7. You'll be able to swipe some of our methods and systems and automatically bring them back home and grow your school.
  8. Myself and the other Combat Business coaches...
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3 Ways To Get More Leads For Your Gym

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2018

Let me show you 3 ways you can start generating more leads for your gym right now!

Let me ask you a question, when you are looking to buy something what do you do?  I pull out my iPhone and google what I am looking for. Then I look at the ads and the first couple organic results.

Adwords is a quick way to take up the top of the best real estate on the internet.  You can set up a few campaigns for your main programs and dominate your local search area pretty fast.


Sorry if you heard this, but blogging is not dead.  It's still one of the best ways to get organic traffic to your site and have prospective students read your content and watch your videos.  

Make good content that people enjoy and remember that its not about you.  When you are creating content always ask yourself "What's In It For Them. Why would people care to read this."

The trick here is to have your Facebook Pixel and Google retargeting code on your website pages.


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Alan Belcher, Paul Halme, & Amy Magers Reveal Their Top Secret 'Brainstorming' Spots.. & The 3 Components You Need To Discover Your Own.

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2018

Where do you go to brainstorm, recharge, & come up with your next big idea?

All successful entrepreneurs understand that this is a CRUCIAL part of the business development process.

Paul Halme‘s brainstorming spot is legendary! (& I’m totally outting him on this! Haha )

Every Sunday when Paul goes to the sauna, he starts blowing up Alan Belcher‘s & my phone with amazing ideas! He’s also been known to have some pretty killer inspiration at airports. And, as any of you following his Instagram already know, Paul is a travel junkie! He’ll take any excuse to hop on a plane & go somewhere. The last time we all flew out of Biloxi… my husband Kris & I sat in the airport cafe at 6am like zombies, while Paul starting coming up with one revolutionary idea after another. He was definitely in his zone!

Alan gets his best ideas when he goes out for a long drive. He listens to podcasts, comes up with killer ideas, and literally can’t...

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Not Getting Enough Leads?

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2018

“I’m not getting enough leads for my martial arts school.”

I see this post on Facebook all the time from frustrated school owners and their is no easy answer.  But it really comes down to consistent action. That is what creates the momentum to grow your school.

But first you have to make sure your message is targeted to your market.

Who are you trying to reach?

What do they need?

What do they want?

The deeper you can go the better your results will be!

Now that you have that dialed in let’s take action and create the momentum you need.

Wicked Reports gave us this data:

"I had looked at, we attract about one and a half billion in sales as of January of this year on like 400 million Facebook ad spend. And the three things that stood out to me was that the app, first of all, new leads can take a long time to buy.

And the average across all those one and a half billion in sales was 43 days from the first click to the first order. So you just can’t...

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Facebook Retargeting Checklist

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018
Retargeting Checklist
  1. PLEASE make sure your website has the fb pixel code. Use pixel helper on google chrome to confirm it is set up right.
  2. Make 3 custom audiences in FB for website visitors. 3 days, 180 days and current members.

  3. Exclude the current members in your retargeting Ads.

  4. For the 3 day audience make a killer ad with an irresistible offer. Make 2-3 different versions of this to find the winner.

  5. For the 180 day audience make one ad set and then make as many ads as you want with your best posts or content. Provide real value. Spread the ad out so they only see your stuff 5 or 7 days. Enough to keep you first in mind when they are finally ready to get started.

  6. Now keep driving traffic to your website and let your retargeting campaigns do the work for you.

Simple and to the point.  If you need more help with this make sure to check out our Tribe Total Traffic Program where this and so much more is done for you!

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Giving Your Customers What They Want.. Opens Up a Lot of S***, But It Isn't Always the Key to Success...

combatbusinessblog Jun 20, 2018
I just saw this meme online, (again..) and I had to write about it because it's SO IMPORTANT! But NOT for the reasons that most people think!
A TON of people see these examples of industry giants falling..
"Netflix didn't kill Blockbuster.. they did it to themselves by not being customer-centric.." etc.. 
And they take it to mean that if you listen to your customer and give them what they want, then you will be successful..
Or at least.. not necessarily..
You also run the risk of giving your customers everything they want & you going under because what people are asking for is ridiculous, wastes your time, costs you too much money,
Or... you come to realize that making one group of people happy pisses off a completely separate group that you hadn't thought about..
Or... you notice that people ask for stuff all the time that they will never actually use? They just like to ask for stuff?...
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"Hate Watching".. The Ultimate Loser's Mentality.. and How to Fix It.

Uncategorized May 12, 2018

As business owners in the digital age, we have to find the balance between using Facebook for business and getting sucked into the crap online that can zap your energy and create huge distractions.

Like it or not, we need facebook. We use it to provide value to our clients and prospects, nurture relationships, and learn new information to advance our academies.

But sometimes social media can impede our growth by becoming an obsessive & negative distraction. A lot of people who get caught up in the downside of social media end up quitting altogether or going on a hiatus which ultimately hurts your brand because you’ve ghosted on your clients.

So how do you find the balance? How do you focus on being a social media ‘producer’ instead of a ‘consumer’ of negativity while STILL learning from the coaches and mentors that will help you develop into a better entrepreneur and grow your business?

Easy.. You employ the unsung hero of Facebook, the...

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4 Business Lessons... Learned From the NFL Draft

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2018

Did you catch the first day of the NFL Draft? I may not watch a TON of NFL football, but I like to watch the draft.. Specifically, I like to watch people watching the draft. While the draft ‘on its own’ can be exciting at times, watching the reactions of a ton of other people is absolutely hilarious.

But in between listening to a bunch of guys 3 beers in, arguing about their teams prospects, if you’re paying attention, you can see a TON of insight into the goals of each organization, why some organizations seem to always win, and why some organizations always stink, no matter which draft pick they get.

What blew me away is how closely related the lessons learned from these decisions can be adapted to our martial arts businesses.

First, let’s look at some of the standout moments from the first night of the 2018 NFL draft.. (Disclaimer... I do NOT claim to be an NFL expert.. But these moves are obvious.. Even by the most casual of NFL fans)


Lesson #1 -...

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