Giving Your Customers What They Want.. Opens Up a Lot of S***, But It Isn't Always the Key to Success...

combatbusinessblog Jun 20, 2018
I just saw this meme online, (again..) and I had to write about it because it's SO IMPORTANT! But NOT for the reasons that most people think!
A TON of people see these examples of industry giants falling..
"Netflix didn't kill Blockbuster.. they did it to themselves by not being customer-centric.." etc.. 
And they take it to mean that if you listen to your customer and give them what they want, then you will be successful..
Or at least.. not necessarily..
You also run the risk of giving your customers everything they want & you going under because what people are asking for is ridiculous, wastes your time, costs you too much money,
Or... you come to realize that making one group of people happy pisses off a completely separate group that you hadn't thought about..
Or... you notice that people ask for stuff all the time that they will never actually use? They just like to ask for stuff?...
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"Hate Watching".. The Ultimate Loser's Mentality.. and How to Fix It.

Uncategorized May 12, 2018

As business owners in the digital age, we have to find the balance between using Facebook for business and getting sucked into the crap online that can zap your energy and create huge distractions.

Like it or not, we need facebook. We use it to provide value to our clients and prospects, nurture relationships, and learn new information to advance our academies.

But sometimes social media can impede our growth by becoming an obsessive & negative distraction. A lot of people who get caught up in the downside of social media end up quitting altogether or going on a hiatus which ultimately hurts your brand because you’ve ghosted on your clients.

So how do you find the balance? How do you focus on being a social media ‘producer’ instead of a ‘consumer’ of negativity while STILL learning from the coaches and mentors that will help you develop into a better entrepreneur and grow your business?

Easy.. You employ the unsung hero of Facebook, the...

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4 Business Lessons... Learned From the NFL Draft

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2018

Did you catch the first day of the NFL Draft? I may not watch a TON of NFL football, but I like to watch the draft.. Specifically, I like to watch people watching the draft. While the draft ‘on its own’ can be exciting at times, watching the reactions of a ton of other people is absolutely hilarious.

But in between listening to a bunch of guys 3 beers in, arguing about their teams prospects, if you’re paying attention, you can see a TON of insight into the goals of each organization, why some organizations seem to always win, and why some organizations always stink, no matter which draft pick they get.

What blew me away is how closely related the lessons learned from these decisions can be adapted to our martial arts businesses.

First, let’s look at some of the standout moments from the first night of the 2018 NFL draft.. (Disclaimer... I do NOT claim to be an NFL expert.. But these moves are obvious.. Even by the most casual of NFL fans)


Lesson #1 -...

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Is It Time To Abandon 'The Hustle?"

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2018

Kris & I had a little debriefing session this morning after last weekend's Combat Business Mastermind event. He has some really great takeaways that he is implementing on the mats asap.. but he asked me if we should be adding and talking more about our 'number goals.'

I told him that my two biggest 'milestone goals' for our academy were hitting an "Easy 50" every month and being the "C.E.Only."

(Obviously, maximizing gross revenue & Net/profitability % checkpoints are crucial along the way.. but that's another post.)

So, instead of writing up goals like 'sign up 35, 40, 45, 50' students... I drew up my goals & the action steps that I need to take to get there.

(I also included a warning to myself...)

Ok first, for anybody who was in the room (and mostly sober) during my morning session on Day 2 in Biloxi, you saw a breakdown of the Objective Based Staffing model.. or what we call, 'The Machine.'

'The Machine' at URSA Academy produces an average of 35 sign ups per month...

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Free Trial Vs. Paid Trial?

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2018

Throw this question in one of the martial arts business groups and you’re going to get 96 comments on why one is better than the other.

The benefits of one..

The dangers and pitfalls of the other..

And by the end, you’re going to be more confused than when you started. So let’s break it down once and for all.

The main benefit of FREE trials is the number of leads. Who doesn’t love free stuff? You’ll have a ton of people who raise their hand for any combination of free classes & free gear.

So, what are some of the common problems? Why wouldn’t you want to use the method that brings in the most leads?

Free trials have the reputation for bringing in ‘unqualified’ leads. People who raise their hand for free stuff have no investment, no horse in the race. Having no investment emotionally or financially drastically increases the likelihood that they are going to flake on the appointment and a lot of people think they are tough to close...

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Let's Get Awkward...

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2018

In your academy, you have two main areas of responsibility.

Everything that happens ON the mat
Everything that happens OFF the mat

In our gym, my husband and I have a line of demarcation that begins at the edge of the mat. He handles everything on the mat and I am in charge of everything off the mat. If you’re a ‘one man show,’ the buck stops with you in both areas, but it’s important to understand that BOTH areas of responsibility demand equal attention and training.

Most people get into the business of owning a martial arts academy because they LOVE being on the mat. Almost nobody says, “I really love setting appointments, signing people up for things, clerical work, and follow up… so I think I’ll open a martial arts gym.”

It’s EASY to get owners to start having instructor meetings for their coaching staff because they usually LOVE training! It’s fun to spend extra time rolling or sparring with other coaches. Jiu Jitsu...

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The 2 Step Challenge to More Effective Time Management & Productivity

Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? Check out this annoyingly simple 2 Step Challenge to jumpstart your motivation, beat the burnout, and get back on the path to crushing your 2018 goals.

I call this ‘annoyingly simple’ because the key to this challenge is so obvious that it might make you kick yourself for not doing this sooner. Hang with us as & take a little leap of faith to see this through and NOT CHEAT on the process.

The Set Up…

** First, identify the ONE THING you need to get done right now. Only one.. (We’ll save the talk about the ‘myth of multitasking’ for another day.) For now, part of the Challenge is doing one thing at a time. So pick one, and stick with it.

** Next, demand the MOST from your team. You hired the best people you knew. If there was somebody better who applied to work for you, you would have hired them! So make sure that you’re letting them do what you hired them to do. Share your vision...

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Introducing The '3 Pillar' Staffing Model

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2018

At some point, every growing business must hire staff in order to continue scaling up. Unfortunately, by the time many martial arts business owners are finally convinced that they need someone, they are so buried by past-due items on their must-do list, that they’ll start throwing money or trades at the first person who offers to help them out.

Hiring a generic “second set of hands” may feel like your only option when you’re deep in the trenches, doing everything you can to keep the walls from caving in. But, if you’re actively implementing solid systems in your business, that chaos is only temporary. It doesn’t make any sense to design a long term staffing strategy to deal with a temporary situation.

With each new hire, you have a prime opportunity to make a giant leap toward the ‘next step’ in your business. Your next hire should fit seamlessly into the environment that is one step beyond where you stand right now. For example, if...

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Create the Roadmap to a Successful 2018 With This Year End Exercise!

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2017

As an entrepreneur, the week between Christmas and New Years is my favorite week of the year. It’s often the only time of year when martial arts school owners have a little extra time away from the normal hustle and grind in the academy.

That makes today the perfect time to sit down for 30-60 minutes, reflect on the year that’s coming to a close and start to think about what’s on the horizon. Even if you’re not the typical, “New Year’s Resolution Person,” allow yourself to get swept up in the spirit and excitement of starting the year fresh with positive change.

So, this blog post is going to be a little different. I’m going to walk you through an exercise to help you make the most of this time and come up with some actionable notes to see notable improvements in your academy.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper or get ready to take some notes on your computer. When you’re done, keep this page handy and visible! This is the beginning...

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Are You Suffering From an 'Academy Identity Crisis?'

combat business blog Dec 15, 2017

"What do you teach?".. This should be one of the easiest questions for you to answer about your business?

But, to see how many school owners have trouble pinpointing exactly what they do, drive past a few neighboring martial arts academies, and check out their windows... Vinyl signage everywhere promoting “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,” “TKD,” “MMA,” “Muay Thai,” “Little Ninja’s,” “Fitness Kickboxing,” “Muay Thai,” “Karate,” Krav Maga,” & “Women’s self defense”...

Maybe it’s not these exact disciplines.. but how many schools have 4 styles listed, 5.. 6 or more and ONE mat space? In an effort to cater to everyone by offering everything, these gyms offer a lot of ‘classes,’ but no fully developed programs.

This “Academy Identity Crisis” can be traced back to the beginning when so many of us took a leap of faith to start our academies on...

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