Get on videos!

blog paul halme Feb 13, 2020

You have to get on video.
Yes, YOU!

If you want to grow your business, you just can't use canned videos or images or pictures of your business. You have to get your FACE on video.

I don't care how much you don't want to do it, how much you think you look stupid. We all think we look stupid when we do videos. (We're our harshest critics.) But people want to relate to you, the business owner.

So when you're making content, just get out there, talk on camera.
If you don't like doing the selfie wand, you don't to want to see yourself on camera, have somebody hold the phone and record it for you. And just talk normal and let people get to know, like, and trust you.

Those are the three most important things you can do when you're making these videos to grow your business. Get yourself on video.

People would come and say, "Oh, hey, I saw you."

I have videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere. Because people come in, they see me all the time like, "Oh hey, you're the jujitsu guy."...

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10 Reasons To Join Tribe

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2020

Tribe is our highest level program that yields the best, fastest and most sustainable results!

We not only coach you but we also do your marketing as a bonus!

So let's get to it.. here are the 10 reasons you must stop waiting and wishing and join us as soon as possible.


Reason number 1: Every Day Is Gameday

Every day you are held accountable for your results.

You want to know the difference between successful gyms and gyms that are stuck on the same plateau, year after year?

The success comes from being full time, every day.

Setting and monitoring the one thing that you need to do.

We help you dial in your key number goals and hold you accountable every single day.

Take Tribe Survey And Apply - Click Here


Reason 2: Coaching

Everyone needs a coach... you need to be pushed, pulled, motivated and constantly reminded what YOU want and what YOU signed up for!

You need someone that is dialed in to your goals and will stop at nothing to help you get there.

And the more...

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How often are you putting out content on social media?

blog paul halme Feb 06, 2020

When you stop and think about it, it can be overwhelming.

But you have to be putting out good quality, organic content on Facebook, Instagram, Google Local, YouTube, TikTok, your blog.


Just nonstop.

You have to keep putting out content, and we know, it can be daunting.

So how do you get started? 

  • Take out a piece of paper. Come up with your main core pieces of content we talked about where you're talking to your perfect avatar. Put those on the right social media platforms.
  • Make sure that before you post, your future or current client is interested in and something they would benefit from. Really focus on sharing valuable content and get them out. You have to keep posting.
  • Find out what content wins with your clients and your prospects, and then do more of what's winning. And then also for a bonus, amplify what's winning. Put some money behind it. Boost your Facebook post. Buy a little bit of paid traffic, and really drive those results.
  • Don't forget about LinkedIn....
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How to Outdo Your Competitors?

blog paul halme Jan 30, 2020
Competition is tough nowadays!
To stand out, your business and brand need to be consistently seen. 
To compete, you've got to be seen everywhere.
You have to be seen on Google, on Facebook, on Instagram, on TikTok, on Instagram Stories, on Facebook Stories, on Google Local, Google organic, Google ads, YouTube and your blog, the blog network, the display network,etc.
You need to be seen everywhere.
Obviously, you'd be thinking like, "Oh my God, Paul, I can't do all these things and be seen everywhere at once!" 
Yes, maximum brand visibility requires time, effort, energy and money!
I've got a tip for you.
Start off with one platform. Pick one platform, get it all set up and, like we talked about in previous blogs. Get that automated,  set up and rocking.
You don't have to change your ads out every week, every two weeks.
You can have one ad that's been running for 16 months and it's still getting great results.
I have one...
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Profits over gross!

blog paul halme Jan 22, 2020

Profits over gross.
I'm going to keep saying this until basically I can't talk anymore.
Profits over gross!

I don't give a damn how much you make.
I care about how much you keep each month, and by that I mean you're still trying to grow your business here and adapt.

You have to operate as a profitable business to cut down on the stress and then to be prepared when things don't go the way they need to go.

You make six figures a month? Good!

What's your profit margin? This question just changes the game.

Don't just get focused on the revenue, you need to be tracking your profit amount and percentage and make it a game.
Try to get that number up a little bit.

How can you increase your profits? Can you cut your margin a little bit?
Can you sell extra products?
Do you have any upsells?
Add ons?
So many different things you can do to increase your profits.

When you've identified your profits, make sure you're taking them out and you redistribute them appropriately from your...

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Are you the number one choice in your town?

blog paul halme Jan 16, 2020
When people are looking for a martial arts gym or whatever business you run, are you the one they see all the time?
Are you the one they see at the top of Google search?
Are you the one they see on Google Maps?
Are you the one they see on Google Local?
Are you the one they see on Facebook?
Are you the one they see on Instagram?
Are you the one that they see in their stories?
If not, then, focus on being the number one choice in your town. 'Be seen everywhere'.
It's one of the things I tell people all the time.
Your brand, your gym, your business needs to be seen everywhere!
The easy way to do that is build a brand commercial.
You can shoot a commercial on your iPhone.
Get it up and you can put it on YouTube, put it on Facebook,
you can put on Instagram, you can put it everywhere.
And then the people are always seeing it, and you can run it really cheap because you're not running that ad for conversions.
That one,...
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This Year, Put Your Time and Money on This...

blog paul halme Jan 08, 2020

Your audience- it's the number one thing you have to focus on your business this year!

This is something you want to put your time and your money behind.

This means, placing your focus on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where people could engage with your page.Also focus on Google, where people will be visiting your website. Make sure you set up retargeting on all three of these platforms.

I mentioned this on my blog before... Building up engage audiences is what's going to help you offset the ads cost, because ads are going to keep getting more and more expensive and it's going to be harder to compete. But if you're constantly building up an engaged audience, consistently share tips and valuable information with occasional sprinkle of offers - that's what's going to help you win!

Make sure you're really focused on building up your engaged audiences on the major platforms-Facebook, Instagram, Google!

Next step- own the audience!

Facebook could go away.

Google you could get...

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The Biggest 'Success Secret' for your Business ⚡

blog paul halme Jan 03, 2020
I'm going to give you the biggest success secret for your business. 
Are you ready?
(drum roll, please...)
It's automation.
1. Automating your marketing and 2. automating your finances.
The more things you can automate in these areas, the less things you have to think about.
Remember that these are mostly routine tasks and things that you'll delay and put off because you have other important things to do.
So, how do you automate your marketing?
One example - when people sign up on your website, they should get an email and a text and then your staff should get notified.
All that should be automated.
You shouldn't have to manually do that.
Then you should have the reminders sent out.
When people move through your processes, when they become a student, the automation triggers.
They get new welcome emails and texts.
If they don't sign-up to your school yet but they have signed up to your website, then...
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How to get more work done by actually working less...

blog paul halme Dec 27, 2019

A few days more and it's 2020.

Some people talk about new year's resolutions and grand goals...

But guess what?

They forget all about these goals even before January is over. Sad truth.

One of the main reasons most people don't even reach their goals is because  they look too far ahead and ignore what needs to be consistently done everyday.

Forget about towering goals if you can't even manage your day!

Focus on your consistency.

Focus on getting key tasks done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, so on...

Micro over macro, every time!

Here are some crazy simple tips to get you dominating your week:

  1. Write down your daily, weekly to-do lists : list down your tasks and set a deadline
  2. Do the hardest task first: when you get the most dreaded tasks out of the way first, you feel good and accomplished. The smaller tasks will then be piece of cake for you.
  3. Work-out : a healthy body = a healthy and sound, creative mind.
  4. Delegate: hire an assistant (or a Virtual Assistant) to complete...
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Can you get 1% better?

blog paul halme Dec 20, 2019

Yes, 1% better in everything.

Get one extra workout a week.
Make one extra sales contact a week on the phone.
One extra contact over email. One extra video.
One extra private lesson.
You can always get 1% better.
It's good to have vision and big goals... But having consistency and additional 1% effort every day is what gets you to the top!
Winning habits over winning goals.
Micro over macro!
Focus on consistently bringing your A-game everyday and always be working to improve yourself.
Push yourself, get better, so you can provide better results for your clients and for your business and for yourself and your family.
Just really focus on that. Don't make it complicated.
Try to do one extra thing.
It doesn't have to be 10x, 20x, 10 billion X.
Do one extra thing and get a little bit better and then compound it.
Keep stacking your wins and one day you will look back and see how far you've...
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