Be seen everywhere

blog paul halme Oct 18, 2019
Be seen everywhere.
I know I say this a bunch and talk about this.
I was watching a little argument go down in another group, Facebook group. It was funny!
There were guys asking about whether or not Instagram works for martial arts schools. And these guys spent so much time arguing back and forth.
I was like, "Just post on it and work the platform."
You want to be seen everywhere.
You don't know if your clients are going to be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, IG, IG stories !
I just tell people, "Be seen everywhere."
Have someone at your front desk do your Facebook posts,
your LinkedIn posts, your Instagram posts, your Google posts, all those things!
Be consistent.
It can take a long time for someone to make the decision to even come in and join your gym.
So you have to always be putting out good, fresh content.
Being seen everywhere will make a huge difference in your business in the long run.
So set up a system, get those things completed and optimized.
See what resonates with your audience or what doesn't.
Then make more of what does and build your content strategy around that.
And it's totally free.
It doesn't cost you anything unless you're having a front desk person do it or a page management service do it.
And then from there you just keep going.
If you’re needing help with your marketing, click this link
or email me at [email protected]
I’m here to help out. 


Paul Halme | Combat Business

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