Meet the Combat Business Success Coaches

Amy Magers, Paul Halme, Johnny Buck, Amanda Haanpaa, & Kris Magers

With a combined 55+ years Owning & Operating Successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies & MMA gyms, we know what it takes to help you market & drive traffic to your business. 

Remember why you started your gym in the first place? We help BJJ & MMA owners get back to doing the things they love to do.. TRAINING & TEACHING JIU-JITSU!

Our 'Combat Business Systems' have helped LEGIT BJJ, MMA, & martial arts academy owners across the US, Canada, & into the UK, get more leads, sign up more new members, & develop their own unique & impactful culture within their gyms, WITHOUT sacrificing the integrity of their training or martial arts style. 

We give you the 'plug & play,' 'tried & true' martial arts business operating systems that take 100% of the guesswork out of how to run and grow your gym. We'll even train you, your spouse, & your staff on how to use them, so you can spend time doing what you love most! The days of 'YOUR martial arts business owning YOU' are long gone.

It's time to ENJOY your academy, LOVE your training again, spend QUALITY time with family & friends, TRAVEL, & have FUN in your much deserved FREE time!

You truly CAN have it all.

We can help. 


(These are the people who will help you run your business, behind the scenes, so you can spend more time on the mats doing what you love...)

Paul Halme

22 year MMA Gym Owner, 4 Stripe BJJ Black Belt, Social Media Traffic Expert, Former WallStreet guy, Co-Owner & CFO of Combat Business, & Best Selling Author of "The Money Fight."

Amy Magers

14 Year BJJ Academy Owner, Systems & Staffing Expert, Communications Consultant, Co-Owner & COO of Combat Business Success, & Creator of the 'Objective Based Staffing System.'

Johnny Buck

11 year BJJ/MMA Gym Owner, Retired Pro MMA Fighter, Culture & Personal Development Expert, Creator of the "I Hate Johnny Buck" Podcast.

Amanda Haanpa

9 year BJJ Academy Owner with 3 locations, & 15+ years in Project Management and Facilitation, Expert in Helping Power Couples Run Successful Academies.

Kris Magers

14 Year BJJ Academy Owner, 3 Stripe BJJ Black Belt, American National Champion, Curriculum Development Expert & Master Instructor Trainer.

Leah Futalan

Online Business Manager, Operations/Program Wizard, & Chief Badass at Combat Business Success

Kathy Sotejo

Marketing/Ads Agency Team Leader 

Mark Paez

Online Marketing & Ads Team Strategist

Fatima Santiago

Client Success & Marketing/Ads Manager

Katrina Pierce

Combat Business Success Administrative Coordinator


To Equip Martial Arts Academy Owners with TRANSFORMATIONAL.. 

SKILLS to Build Profitable, Long-Term Sustainable Businesses that Produce Financial & Personal Freedom.

TOOLS that Will Give¬†YOU Command¬†of¬†your Growth, Control of¬†your Operations, & Freedom to Design¬†your ‚ÄėEndgame.‚Äô

TRAINING for Owners, Partners, & Every Person Who Works Inside Their Academies.

TEAMMATES from our in-house Marketing Agency, so YOU, The Owner, can Focus on what YOU do Best.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & LEADERSHIP TRAINING to Spread Your Vision of Martial Arts Throughout Your Communities.