ON the mat, OFF the mat amy magers blog Dec 22, 2021

In your academy, you have two main areas of responsibility.

Everything that happens ON the mat

Everything that happens OFF the mat

Most people get into the business of owning a martial arts academy because they LOVE being on the mat. 

Nobody says, “I really love setting appointments,...

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The busiest shopping days of the year! amy magers blog Nov 09, 2021

$789 billion - that’s how much holiday spending the US had last year!*

The busiest shopping days are upon us but it’s important to remember this - 

people are spending their hard-earned money for value!

So what valuable offer do you have for your students/community this year?


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If you haven’t launched anything for Black Friday yet, you’re not too late.. amy magers blog Oct 26, 2021

Every year, Black Friday sales start creeping earlier and earlier. 

But if you haven’t launched anything yet, you’re not too late.. Not yet. 

You can still get in front of the larger online retailers if you launch by the beginning of next week. 

Can’t get anything...

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Fighting Overwhelm amy magers blog Sep 14, 2021

Being a martial arts business owner is challenging but as long as you have systems and processes in place, you're going to be fine.

If you are reading this, 'Go and schedule some 'you' time today!'

If this seems unrealistic, we should talk.

What you can start doing NOW to fight overwhelm:

  1. Start...
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3 winning thoughts of the week amy magers blog Aug 11, 2021

What gets celebrated gets replicated
Celebrate every milestone...
Every step in the right direction.
Every single one of those is a win.

I didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Don’t ever be ashamed to be in the middle of your journey, as long as you’re committed to seeing it...

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Outsource it amy magers blog Jul 07, 2021

You work on your business and you have kids and a family that you take care of and  you just want to just spend your time doing things that either:

1. make money or
2. are fun

I know some people find grocery shopping to be fun but for me, grocery shopping isn't part of these two.

So, if you...

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SEO and YouTube amy magers blog Jun 09, 2021

SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

When you hear the term SEO the most common one that we talk about is Google, obviously.

But we’re forgetting there’s this number 2 search engine.

YouTube is owned by Google, part of the Google Suite, and is the number two search engine.

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Facebook ads or Google ads amy magers blog Jun 01, 2021

Facebook or Google ads?

They're not the same.
I don't recommend doing exactly the same types of strategies on the two!

Facebook ads,
I would like to use it for things like sales or
for programs, I may be interested in or want to go.

I would not do that on Google!

With Google ads - focus on...

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