Are you the number one choice in your town?

blog paul halme Jan 16, 2020
When people are looking for a martial arts gym or whatever business you run, are you the one they see all the time?
Are you the one they see at the top of Google search?
Are you the one they see on Google Maps?
Are you the one they see on Google Local?
Are you the one they see on Facebook?
Are you the one they see on Instagram?
Are you the one that they see in their stories?
If not, then, focus on being the number one choice in your town. 'Be seen everywhere'.
It's one of the things I tell people all the time.
Your brand, your gym, your business needs to be seen everywhere!
The easy way to do that is build a brand commercial.
You can shoot a commercial on your iPhone.
Get it up and you can put it on YouTube, put it on Facebook,
you can put on Instagram, you can put it everywhere.
And then the people are always seeing it, and you can run it really cheap because you're not running that ad for conversions.
That one, you're just running for either reach or awareness and letting everybody know you're the number one choice in town.
People will see you, they'll see your ads, they'll see the different videos you have. They might not click on those right away, but eventually, they will. And when they're looking for what you have, and they're going to remember that. If you've been doing this already, you'd have your engaged audiences by now.
Now, re-target them with tips, different information, free trials, free passes,etc.
Check this out to know how to create your own custom audiences, so that way you can get this set up and get that going.
This year, make sure that when people think about your industry, YOU are the number one choice in your town.
If you’re needing help with your marketing and sales, click this link
or email me at [email protected]
I’m here to help out. 

Hustle on!

Paul Halme | Combat Business

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