Profits over gross!

blog paul halme Jan 22, 2020

Profits over gross.
I'm going to keep saying this until basically I can't talk anymore.
Profits over gross!

I don't give a damn how much you make.
I care about how much you keep each month, and by that I mean you're still trying to grow your business here and adapt.

You have to operate as a profitable business to cut down on the stress and then to be prepared when things don't go the way they need to go.

You make six figures a month? Good!

What's your profit margin? This question just changes the game.

Don't just get focused on the revenue, you need to be tracking your profit amount and percentage and make it a game.
Try to get that number up a little bit.

How can you increase your profits? Can you cut your margin a little bit?
Can you sell extra products?
Do you have any upsells?
Add ons?
So many different things you can do to increase your profits.

When you've identified your profits, make sure you're taking them out and you redistribute them appropriately from your checking to your savings to your investments.

We'll talk a lot about that and you can check that out in my book... it's gonna be out really soon. In the book, I will talk more about getting your money right, understanding your finances, etc.

Running a business is hard enough as it is. But running an unprofitable business is probably more stressful than having a job.

Make your business profitable, make it one of your goals this year.
What recurring subscription do you have that you don't ever use? Take that off of your expenses and then what could you add on for some sales to increase your profits.

Profits over gross.
I'm going to keep talking about it and I'm not going to stop talking about it until people have more profitable businesses with less stress.

What could you do today to make your business more profitable?

If you’re needing help with your marketing and sales, click this link
or email me at [email protected]
I’m here to help out. 

Remember, profits over gross!

Paul Halme | Combat Business

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