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How do you operate at your highest level?

amy magers blog Mar 20, 2024

When I went to Craig Ballentyne's Perfect Life Workshop, I really thought everything we’d learn there would be about ads, or getting leads, or marketing or whatever because that's what these guys do.

But I left that day with information about how to be healthier physically and how to make my body match the goals that I have for my business, (which sounds really weird). But it's actually the missing piece that I think I've been not paying attention to for about 12 to 18 months.

I’ve (kind of) fallen into some of the small business owner or entrepreneur pitfalls that happen when you work for yourself.
Because you don't really have to get up and go anywhere,
(maybe) you get up or go to sleep anytime you want to,
wear jogger pants all day, if you want to…

But at the end of the day, if we’re not operating at our highest level and potential, then we can't possibly expect to reach that potential in every other area of our lives.

So I was just really, really grateful and really thankful for Craig Ballentyne and the Perfect Day Retreat in San Diego.
First off, because it was in freaking San Diego, which is one of my favorite places in the entire country. And what better place to start thinking about your holistic health, wellness than a place like that- just felt amazing!

I hope you start thinking about your health and wellness first because if you feel good, that translates in every area of your life - including your business!

Be around people who’s been there and done that. 
If you want to follow the footsteps of a successful entrepreneur, you hang out with successful entrepreneurs. 
You will not only learn business strategies and business pitfalls from them, you will also get their drive and passion to get things done.

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