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The growth pillar...

amy magers blog Apr 01, 2024

We previously talked about whether you have an objective based staffing model or a personnel based staffing model...

And this video specifically talks about the growth pillar.
There are four teams that make it up.

The first one is

Acquisition and marketing

I'm going to start with accountability. You guys are going to see this stuff (Acquisition and marketing) over and over and over again, so I want to start speaking about it in the way that you're going to hear me speaking about it later.

And then...

Conversion and monetization.

This is the appointment setting process and the sales process.
You're converting what are just the people out there, the eyeballs, the offers, the eyeballs on the offers, the people who might be taking action on one of your leads or one of your ads, those people taking action ultimately move into this conversion team, into this conversion stage.

Conversion and monetization is actually the first stage where you actually take control.

You can control what ads you put out there, but you cannot control who clicks on your ad.

This is the first one where you can start to control who comes into your building or who makes an appointment. You have some control on that.


down below, is what happens after they become a member.
In the olden days, people by the way would call conversion and monetization sales, but I think this is a much more descriptive objective about instead of just naming it sales.
Success in the olden days would have been called support, but it's so much more than that.
Support has such a negative connotation…
When you guys picture support, do you think of that IT guy from, I think there was an SNL sketch with Jimmy Fallon with the IT guy and who would just move and kick you out of the way.

When we call support, it sounds like this is going to be a terrible experience…

But if you call your success coach, how does that feel?

Does it sound a little different? If I have to get on the phone all day with my success coach, I'm pretty excited. If I have to call my support line for an hour, I'm not really looking forward to it.

So the success coach includes things like your instructors, people providing a service, helping your students to become successful.
It's not just the client support piece that is a part of it. Of course, if somebody has an issue with their billing or somebody has an issue with their service or whatever it is, that falls under this realm as well, it's kind of split into two separate things. And then, of course, the other one is providing the service that they have paid for.

Moving over is 


Another thing that success is doing.
The content team is where you're providing free content to the public.
Acquisition and marketing is going to be all of your ads and things, all of the marketing that you do, all of your events, all of your ad words, all your guerrilla stuff that all falls in acquisition and marketing.

There you go- the four key teams inside of the growth pillar.

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