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Don't Miss the Boat on Instagram!

blog Aug 14, 2023

Don't miss the Instagram boat… unless you don’t want more traffic! 🤑🤑🤑

Instagram has proven to be a winning platform, even for local business and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

As more things ramp up, more and more businesses are looking to widen their reach. Switching to other platforms or expanding their reach other than Facebook. (Check out my proven tips to grow Instagram here)

Also owned by Facebook, Instagram is where massive growth is happening right now! Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. And it is the most engaged social media platform after Facebook!

If you don't know this yet, there are so many things that you can do on Instagram. And that will help you promote your local business.

You can create content then tag your business location on both feeds and stories. These contents will show in the local posts or stories section of Instagram. Making you a prominent person/brand in the area. Doing this provides a great organic boost to your local reach and this is something you can’t have with Facebook..... unless you pay more for local reach ads.

Keep posting on your Instagram business page. Provide quality and engaging content. Then keep doing that. Once you got into the game, amplify and compound your Instagram local organic reach with Instagram ads. Start small and scale up as you get more and more local leads and clients.

So with that said, make sure you are on Instagram.

Here’s a list of eye-opening, mind-blowing statistics you may want to know about Instagram. And this data will get you excited about exploding your brand presence on this platform.

Keep posting great, high-quality and engaging content. And if you have interns or younger students or family members, you could delegate this task to them. They sure do have a good eye for Instagram.

Remember, you never just want to be present on one, single platform. Always increase your online presence by making sure you are everywhere. You want to be on Google, have Google ads running, you’d want to have YouTube videos of you and your business…

Get these set up. Get this going and DON’T MISS THE BOAT ON INSTAGRAM !

Have a great week. Continue working on your goals!

If you’re needing help with your marketing, I’m here to help out.



Paul Halme | Combat Business