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Traffic Tip - Instagram Content Formula That Helps Increase Web Traffic and Sales

blog Mar 21, 2019

Last week, we talked about the web traffic potential from Instagram, particularly from Instagram stories.

What makes Instagram different is the fact that it is a visual platform.It’s a sea of beautifully curated images and to attract the right audience, you have to make sure your contents are visually attractive, engaging and compelling at the same time.

Consistently posting to Instagram is great but not having a strategy behind these posts could be a serious waste of time and money.

Today, I’m sharing this social media formula that will not only bring traffic to your website but will also help you build a deeper connection to your audience and followers, position you as an expert in your industry/area and will help increase your sales.

Magic Formula*:  Social Media = Ex3 + S

  • EDUCATE - sharing bits of information, FYIs and trivias to your followers is a great way of positioning yourself as someone who knows what they’re doing. This posting strategy will make you the go-to person/brand for your niche
  • ENGAGE - “Cats or Dogs?”, “The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones?”, “What’s the hardest part of growing your business?” … Notice how these questions make you think and would make you want to share your thoughts? Posting engaging questions and visuals similar to the questions above will prompt your followers to share their thoughts with you. The result? - a highly engaging post, the possibility of going viral and landing in the popular section of Instagram or having leads knock at your door!
  • ENTERTAIN - a good social media laugh takes away the monotony from your posts. Love funny cat photos? Share it with your followers. That’s also another way of showing some brand personality and could help your followers feel even more connected to you/your brand and business
  • SELL - immediately selling without building relationship with your followers could be a huge turn off. Always, provide value first and sell next. Your trust and sales score are always higher to someone you’ve provided value with in the past.

Needless to say, this content formula applies to most social media sites, not just Instagram.

From last week’s blog, I’ve mentioned that having a clear Call To Action is important. I will say that again today. Make sure that you have a clear CTA where its needed - Link in Bio, Swipe Up Link (for Instagram business accounts with over 10K followers), in your post captions and IG stories.

More traffic tips coming your way next week. Stay tuned.



Paul Halme

Combat Business


*The 3E’s of Social Media was mentioned by Rachel Pedersen here