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Your SEO Checklist

blog paul halme Aug 28, 2023
Hey everyone, this week, we will talk more about organic traffic and SEO.
Not a lot of people talk enough about SEO nowadays but it's still huge.
If you don't have this dialed in you are missing a lot on organic traffic!
So, here's a checklist to optimize your site and dominate local search.
1. Optimize your pages: If you have a WordPress site, this is super easy. Make sure to install a Yoast plug-in. Take the Yoast framework and use that as an outline for you to optimize your pages.
Add your target keywords in the title tags, H1, first few sentences in your copy, in your meta descriptions, etc
2. Update your site and content all the time.
Your home page and about us pages may not need updating all the time so this is where you make you sure that your blogs are.
Constantly updating your blogs shows Google that you always have new content and your site has something new all the time. Your site's going to get crawled by Google bots more resulting to better search ranking.
Tip: Release a new blog every week. And if for some reason, you can't write a new blog for the week, just go to your published blogs. See which one of your blog topics need an update or refresh. Then, work from there.
3. Embed YouTube videos on your site.
This does not only help with the aesthetics of your website.
The cross linking between platforms shows that you have content all over the internet. This makes you credible in Google's eyes... and that will give you Google ranking points.
4. Use the same website keywords across all your other social media platforms and online directories. Same as Item Number 3 above, this makes you credible in Google's eyes. The more presence you have in the internet, the higher possibility of you to rank higher.
5. Interlink your web pages and posts.
Add a link to your blog from your homepage, a contact us link from your About Us page,etc, etc...
This shows Google that your site is interactive and all these relevant information are found in your website.
(Check out my tips on dominating SEO Local Search here)
Remember, those who looks up businesses/services on Google already have the intention of buying. You won't want to miss out on these low-hanging fruits.
Ads are great but optimizing your website and making sure you come up on search results takes your game to a whole new level.
Stay tuned for more traffic and digital marketing tips. 

Keep crushing it!

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