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Traffic Tip - How to Dominate Local SEO Search

blog May 08, 2023

Google is still King, and this means SEO is not dead!

If you're a local business wanting to dominate your local market, make sure you are seen on Google first.

I previously shared a tip on optimizing your Google My Business listing here. Make sure you follow the steps on that article and proceed with the following:

  • Nail your local keyword-  Google keyword planner can provide search volume data and search history but that’s a blog for another day. The simplest formula for local keyword would be “service + location”. If you’re a dentist in Keller, TX and would want to be found by someone who looks for a dentist in your area, you need to have the keywords “dentist Keller TX”, “dentist in Keller TX”, “best dentist in Keller TX” present in your website and local listings. How do you do that?
    • Be creative with your business descriptions, text and copy - Without being spammy, make sure that the target keywords are everywhere on your website - meta descriptions, title tags and the first few words of your content. Google indexes the first 160 characters so it helps if your target keyword is on the first 160, otherwise Google would have already truncated your texts
    • Use the same keywords consistently on local citations and online directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Yellowpages, TripAdvisor,etc. As much as possible, make sure these keywords appear on  the first 160 characters of the description. Here’s a list of online directories  you can list your business on.
  • Optimize your Google My Business listing - I mentioned more of that here
  • Keep asking for customer reviews - 7 out of 10 customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Feedback and testimonials work as social proof and help you earn customer’s trust
  • Keep your social media accounts updated and fresh, post content regularly and geo-tag your posts

Facebook is great for sending traffic to websites BUT Google is still the go-to for people needing information and unless this customer behavior changes, your business will always benefit from having a great Google presence.


Paul Halme |  Combat Business