Traffic Tips - Why You Should Optimize your Business Listing on Google First

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019

Last week, we talked about local online traffic where I mentioned having your Google dialed in first.

What most local businesses often forget is that - Google is a household name. Answering over one billion questions per day, Google is synonymous with online search!

Having said that, it is important for local businesses to get their Google My Business information completed,updated and reviewed by clients regularly before diving into different social media platforms.

If you haven’t created your Google My Business listing yet, you can start here

Things to Remember:

  • Fill out your profile completely – This includes page name, web address, category, about section,etc
  • Add the correct location – If you’re a local business, make sure your physical address and contact information are listed and current.
  • Add business photos - if you have professional images available,make sure to use them. They’re surely going to create a customer connection and will add a nice touch to your online listing

I’ve created my Google Listing, what’s next?

  • Ask for client/customer feedback- People are always curious of other people’s experiences and thoughts about a business or a product. Feedback and testimonials not only work as social proof but also drive clicks and traffic to your website and can help influence the prospects’ buying decisions
  • Respond to both positive and negative reviews - its easy to respond to positive reviews but responding to negative ones only show that there are real people behind the business who care enough for their customers, who could acknowledge the issue at hand and use the feedback for better customer experience, business improvement,etc
  • Don’t let your information go stale - As much we like to know what’s going on with our favorite friends’ lives, people also feel the same for businesses (e.g their favorite restaurants, cafes, toy store,book store,etc). People appreciate updates. Got a new dish on the menu? A new doughnut flavor, perhaps? Post about it!

Remember, people still go to Google when they need information and with Facebook organic reach being too limited nowadays, having an updated  and properly keyword optimized Google Business listing is one way of getting your business and services out there.


Paul Halme
Combat Business

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