Not Getting Enough Leads?

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2018

“I’m not getting enough leads for my martial arts school.”

I see this post on Facebook all the time from frustrated school owners and their is no easy answer.  But it really comes down to consistent action. That is what creates the momentum to grow your school.

But first you have to make sure your message is targeted to your market.

Who are you trying to reach?

What do they need?

What do they want?

The deeper you can go the better your results will be!

Now that you have that dialed in let’s take action and create the momentum you need.

Wicked Reports gave us this data:

"I had looked at, we attract about one and a half billion in sales as of January of this year on like 400 million Facebook ad spend. And the three things that stood out to me was that the app, first of all, new leads can take a long time to buy.

And the average across all those one and a half billion in sales was 43 days from the first click to the first order. So you just can’t find, you know, 43 days is that’s the average of all those. So that mean 750 million took longer than 43 days."

This confirms that marketing is a marathon and sprint. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here is a fundamental strategy to build some serious momentum:

Engaging organic posts on FB, IG, YouTube and your Blog.

Now let’s take the organic posts that are getting engagement and amplify them with engagement ads.

Now for the secret sauce: set up retargeting campaigns for your website visitors.

You can test different length audiences but an easy way to get started is 1 day visitors. Show them a special offer. Then 30 day visits drip them good content with a solid call to action.

Now go out and take action and get ready to work those leads!

-Paul Halme

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