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Retargeting Made Easy

blog paul halme Nov 11, 2023
If you've ever done retargeting ads, you know it can be a pain.
It can be complicated.
But there's so many different things you can do about it.
Combat Business has a lot of proven marketing and lead generation strategies up our sleeves.
And today, we're sharing this super simple tip to get our clients to take quick action and get some quick wins.
We're talking about retargeting on Facebook and Instagram .
Before we get started, make sure you have Ads Manager set up.
  • create an audience.
  • Choose the people who have engaged with your Facebook page in the last 180 days - Those who liked, clicked on something, watched a video, commented,etc.
  • Choose extra filters to further define your perfect customer persona.
So now you have this audience, make sure to name and save it.
(let's call this sample audience VIP AUDIENCE for the purpose of this blog)
Now, whenever you have a post and you want your VIP AUDIENCE to take action (e.g. claim an offer) , create a post about it first.
Then, go into Ads Manager,
  • create an ad,
  • choose VIP AUDIENCE (the same audience you saved earlier)
 (TIP: If you want to focus on your local area, you can widen your reach by extending up to 50miles from the main location. Example: Target area is Keller, TX, then add 50miles radius to reach an even bigger audience.)
Run the ad for at least seven days. Then increase to 10, 20 days depending on how well your organic-post-turned-ad was responded to.
This simple trick creates an algorithm hack, especially on Facebook. This is where you see the power of organic and paid promotion working well together! And because these people who were targeted by the ad/s are actually engaging with an (initially) organic content, they will continue seeing your other posts.
So make sure to post consistently to get this traction going!
This nice, little hack also 'nurtures' your VIP AUDIENCE.
Because they are your 'go-to' audience for this trick, by doing this, you make sure that this audience always sees great, quality content.
With this simple trick, people in our paid amplification program get organic engagement of five to 10,000 engagements a month. That is a lot of local people looking' at your brand!
Today, create your VIP AUDIENCE . Focus on that. It's super simple.
Now, you won't spend a whole bunch of time building' a bunch of retargeting campaigns.
Just create this audience.
Name it, save it, and then whenever you have some good content that starts getting some traction, go in there and use your VIP AUDIENCE.
You can even boost it from your phone if you're in a hurry.
It's gonna be a little bit different but you can still pull the audience up and you can hit it from there and then just keep working!
There you have it. Easy retargeting every time.
If you’re needing help with your marketing, click this link
or email me at [email protected].
I’m here to help out. 


Paul Halme | Combat Business