Traffic Tips - Identify and Track your Web Traffic Source

blog Apr 10, 2019

With the number of different ways you can generate traffic to your website nowadays,  it’s easy to get so caught up focusing on traffic generation methods that businesses often forget to take a close look at the actual traffic sources.  This is obviously a mistake because determining your current traffic sources can provide heaps of helpful insights such as traffic referrals, competitor and industry benchmarks and customer behavior among others.

There are a lot of online tools and softwares you can use to check where your traffic sources are from, but today we’ll focus on the OG (original gangster) Google Analytics and how you get started on this free tool installed in your website.

My team and I created this Google Analytics installation quick guide for top website builder platforms out there today.

If you have not done so, make sure to install Google Analytics to your website today. First step is to have a valid Gmail or Gmail hosted email address. Start here and wait 2-24 hours for your website data to appear.

Check out my Traffic Tips in the coming weeks and we’ll talk more about how to understand and make use of your website data.


Paul Halme |  Combat Business


Do you know you should optimize your business listing on Google first?

If you have not done that yet, check this out.

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