Traffic Tips - Have you forgotten about Linkedin?

blog Apr 04, 2019

LinkedIn is an incredible traffic source and if you’ve underutilized or have forgotten about it (WHAT?!) , then it's time to get back in the game!

With a reported user count of more than 500 million, Linkedin is a gold mine for web traffic, organic marketing, product and brand positioning, networking, prospecting and SALES!

Here are a few tips to get you back in your Linkedin game:

  • Same as my Instagram Traffic Tip, make sure that you add a straightforward profile summary and a clear call to action in your Linkedin profile. Optimize your profile and add a lead offer magnet if you have one.
  • Share contents and share often. Unlike Facebook’s algorithm, Linkedin’s organic reach remains simple - recent posts shows up on top first. The brand/business that shares good and varied contents often in Linkedin gets most of the views and becomes the more visible brand
  • Join groups- Very much like Facebook groups, Linkedin also has groups and communities for different areas and subjects. Want to position yourself as the go-to financial planner in the area? Join finance-related groups and add value when you can
  • Connect, connect, connect- I talked about defining your market before and Linkedin is a great avenue for generating leads and marketing to your prospects. Not only that, Linkedin makes it easier for you to create B2B connections or simply connect with like-minded people in your industry
  • Go Premium -(optional)  Linkedin offers a free premium trial for 30 days and if you have the extra cash to buy a Premium membership in Linkedin you might want to give it a go. The Linkedin premium badge just adds a bit more credibility to your profile. With the premium membership, you will also be given access to On-Demand Learning and In-Mails feature which allows you to reach out to Linkedin users who are not in your network (or those who have previously declined your connection request).

Linkedin is the best place to connect with businesses and  professionals who may actually be needing your help and services, vv.

So are you sleeping on Linkedin? Get up and get working on it today.


Paul Halme | Combat Business



While you're at it, feel free to send me a connection request. My Linkedin profile is Paul HalmeSee you there!


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