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Traffic Tip - Needing more leads? Let’s talk about Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

blog May 22, 2023

I previously talked about carefully defining your market and audience so you won't be wasting your effort and your message won't fall on deaf ears. 

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Carefully defining your audience by creating customer avatars, listing down their wants and interests are key tips in making sure you won't be wasting money on paid traffic.

The people who like and follow your Facebook page, the ones on your mailing list, those who watched your videos - are people who may be interested in your offers and you want to reach more people who share the same profiles.

This is when you use Facebook lookalike audiences.

Facebook’s lookalike audiences tool is a great way to reach your ideal target audience even if they’ve never heard about you and your brand.

Facebook will look into its pool of 2 billion+ users and identify key similarities between your current audience (or custom audience, let’s talk more about that next week) and serve your ads to these ‘lookalike audience’.

How to Create Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

  • You have to be logged in to Facebook Business Manager to do this. Go to your Ad Account> Business Manager and under Assets, click Audiences

  • From Create Audience, select Lookalike Audience from the dropdown.
    • Then select your lookalike source- the sources vary from lookalike of people who like/follow/engaged with your Facebook page, a lookalike of your custom audience, those who visited your website in the past 30 days,etc
    • Select target audience location
    • Select Audience size- you can choose between a range of 1%-10% of the total population in your chosen target country, with 1% being those who most closely match your source.
    • Create Audience. You can choose to wait while the data populates or start creating your ad from here

There are different lookalike audience you should be focusing on but I recommend the following:

  • A lookalike audience of high value customers or those who have a high lifetime value (LTV) .These are customers who make frequent or high-ticket purchases from you.
  • Lookalike audience based on activity - these can vary from people who clicked on your Call-To-Action button on Facebook, to those who sent you a message,reacted to your ad or post,etc
  • Lookalike audience of your video viewers. Facebook videos have higher engagement and conversion rate and we want more of these customers. 

When used strategically, Facebook lookalike audience could be a great way to reach new customers.

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