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Traffic Tip - You Got a Killer Video Content. Now What?

blog May 02, 2019

According to Forbes, over 500 million (half a BILLION) people are watching video on Facebook every day so it’s only expected for businesses to include video marketing in their strategies.

So you and your team came up with a killer video to promote your product and/or service. You posted it on Facebook, and 8 hours later…. Tadaaaahhh! Less than 15 likes and no more than 5 comments. Not even one prospect who showed the least bit of interest. 

Frustrating, I know!

Just imagine the long hours of putting those videos snippets together for nothing!  😩😩😩

With Facebook’s organic reach continually decreasing, that could be expected.

This is when you need a little bit of paid traffic help. And today, we’re sharing  an easy 2-step video ads strategy to convert your video viewers to paying clients

  1. Define and target your audience for this video then run a ‘Video Views’ ad on Facebook. You can serve this ad to your custom audience, people living nearby, those who liked your page,etc. Keep your ad running for at least 5 days. Extend this ad as necessary.
  2. Retarget those who watched your video- First, create a video engagement custom audience. You have to be logged in to Facebook Business Manager to do this.  Remember, step 1 above? You now have a good amount of audience who’s been warmed up to your offer. You’d have the option of targeting people who have watched a portion of your videos up to 95% of it. Next, run the retargeting ad.

Now, your retargeting ad creatives should be obviously different. Pitching your products/services at this stage needs to have more oomph and creativity. Offer limited-time only deals, flash sales, discounts at this point. Remember, the people watching/seeing this retargeting ad had already been introduced to you and your offer, thanks to step 1. All they need is a bit more convincing and they’d be happy to give you their email address or (even better!) would even be excited to click that buy button!

But of course we understand that there may be tons of things you need to be doing right now for your business. And while we seemed to make it sound so easy, creating, running and scaling Facebook ads require time, effort and serious amount of energy.

Focus on what you do best for your business and let us do the Facebook ads heavy lifting for you. Click here to schedule a call with us. Talk to you soon!


Paul Halme |  Combat Business