What's next for us Martial Arts school owners? 🤷

amy magers blog Aug 21, 2020

For the first few months of this pandemic, we always just thought, "Oh, we'll just get through it." And everybody was like,"Oh yeah, no big deal. We'll just wait it out. It'll be all right. We'll get this loan. We'll get this grant. And then we'll be fine."
But that money has been here.
That money, if you got it, is now spent.

And so now everybody's trying to figure out what's next. 
How do we get through this?
Knowing that there's not necessarily an end in sight.
And even if you're open right now, it does not mean that you're going to be open for the long haul. Because as we know across the country, things are changing.
Some people were open. Some people are closing again.
When, once school gets started again, we have no idea what these restrictions are going to do. They're going to ebb and flow. They're going to change all the time. You need to be prepared.

And there's a couple of different ways that you can do that.

Number one - make sure you have agreements with your clients and make sure you discuss upcoming changes and how you're going to handle them.
What is expected from them?
What is expected from you?
How is your relationship going to continue if things get crazy again?

That's number one - communication, really good, solid communication with your members…not just lean back elbows, fold your arms and you can ask me questions whenever you want.
No, you need to be proactive in your communication and get the message out to your clients and form as much as you can, in this time, one-on-one actual real relationships with these people because the schools that are doing the best are the people, are the schools that have real human beings, interacting with other human beings and forming genuine friendships and genuine relationships.
Because those people want to see you succeed. Those people want you to make it through this. And if you can build that type of camaraderie and teamwork in your academy, then you're going to be better off than somebody who treats their academy like a robot or like a machine or just never bothers to do the human element of this.

You can automate a lot of things, but you can't automate good, solid communication and having agreements with your members.

Number two is pivot.
You have to come up with something new, maybe a distance learning day camp or something similar. It's not what you probably started your martial arts or jiujitsu school to become.
Jujitsu guys do not go into business to open a jujitsu school, to ultimately become a distance learning martial arts camp or distance learning day camp, for sure.

I get that.
But if you'd like your jujitsu school to survive this crazy times then you have to make sure that you're doing things right now that will supplement your income and also help your community.
Because you having goodwill within your community is still important.
It still matters.

So distance learning day camp- that's what we're doing because parents need it.
Your clients probably need it.
You have jujitsu guys who have families.
Or jujitsu girls who have families.
Their kids need to go somewhere.
And if your local area is doing online instruction only, then there is a massive opportunity for you to hop in and provide an amazing service for your community.
Charge for it.
Get some money back that you have been a losing hand over fist, right, in this funky time.

This is a really great opportunity, but do not just sit back on Facebook and complain about the fact that the regulations are still this or the regulations are that or screw masks or whatever.
It doesn't matter what you think.
It doesn't matter your political opinion.
It doesn't matter if you believe this is a hoax or the deadliest thing we've ever seen.
It literally does not matter.

At the end of the day to you, what matters is do you have a business that can provide for you and your family…
And the way you're going to still have a business that provides for you and your family at the end of all of this is if you roll with every single punch, every single thing that's thrown at you, and you figure out other ways to make money within your business that are legal or that are accepted, or that do fall under this particular regulation.

Go that way.

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