What To Do When Your Leads Dry Up

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2019

What's up? Got a little tip for you today. What to do when your leads dry up? We had this conversation in our tribe group.

Yesterday, I had a client who didn't have enough leads. Was kind of freaked out, didn't have enough money to spend on ads or didn't want to spend money on ads but you always need to.

But basically, go back to basics if you don't have enough money to get enough leads or if your ads aren't working. you have to go hardcore, you have to go organic.

You have to be working on funnel engagement on Facebook. You have to be working on your emails, you have to be putting a live content. You have to keep pushing these different things because that's where you could find it.

So, the cool part of this story was the client was like,

"I don't have enough leads or appointments",

Anything else follows - appointments are key, you have to have your appointments. It drives everything but you need leads too.

So go work, be organic and the cool thing was, even if she doesn't have enough appointments, she ended up getting and one of them cashed out $1600 a day.

So, when things aren't going your way, sweat equity time. If you haven't had enough money, it's sweat equity. There's nothing worse than sitting around, listening to people complain about not getting enough leads and traffic. And when you go to their phase, they're not doing anything.

You have to keep doing things, you have to keep creating content, you have to be the number 1 choice in your area.

So, if you don't have the money, get out there and get after it. The leads dry up sometimes, sometimes it's adequate, sometimes it stops working.

Facebook changes its algorithm but always go back to organic. That's a huge thing you can do, it changes everything.

So, hope this tip helps you out. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. It's a busy week going on, hope I see a lot of you. I'm speaking at that market muscles event on Saturday.

So, see you out there, Virginia beach. Hit me up if you got any questions in the group or hit me up on messages if you are a client at some things and see what we can do. Have a great week!

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