What I Learned After Visiting 10 of My Clients Gyms Over The Past 2 Months

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2018

First off let me start by saying, a business is always a dynamic changing work in progress.

Even my high level clients that are in Tribe and doing amazing have holes they need to repair and improve.

In the past couple of months I've been to Tribe clients gyms and Accelerator clients gyms in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, San Francisco, San Mateo, Mississippi, New Orleans, & Colorado.

The most common problem that can be fixed in almost every location I've visited is sales.

When I say sales, I don't mean "coffees for closers" or "sell or be sold…”

I don't want to pressure people any more than you. And I never do.

When I say sales I mean every action taken to get that person from " contact info" to new enrollment.

There's always a gap that can be closed resulting in a higher number in enrollments .

It's either the speed of contact and apt set, or the quality and skillfulness of the conversations.

Training on the systems is almost always the answer.

I recommend weekly if not daily training, role playing And troubleshooting.

There are 2 systems that we teach that can be a game changer for you and your business.

The Appointment Setter System: which is a way to get the lead into the pipeline by setting them an appointment and making sure they show up and that you know the problem you are trying to solve for them.

The other is..

The 5 step closing system: The 5 step closing system is an easy system to follow that is designed to dig faster into the problem and highlight our solution and proof all the way up to the price presentation.

If your team is versed in these 2 areas, you are now in a position to operate efficiently.

  1. Marketing

When it came to marketing , my clients have it down pretty damn good (popping my collar).

The one area I really worked with them on is developing a more focused problem they solve and what there core value is as a gym.

There marketing lacked focus on a problem and more or less was just highlighting what they do and offer.

So we added in more live videos that solved problems that are relevant to their ideal customer.

This also made them immediately get more credit and respect for being an expert in that area.

The other marketing area we focused on once in the gym was making a customer set of videos that my team could use to promote them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, IG stories and FB Messenger.

We are launching the new ads right now and already have got mad results in the first couple of days.

If you want me to run your ads, come out to your gym, coach you or all 3, email our team of coaches at [email protected]

  1. Staffing

When I rolled up at my clients gyms I would evaluate a few things right away.

  1. What's the vibe
  2. Is it clean
  3. Who does what

And what I found 8 out of 10 times was that the owner was doing way to many tasks that were causing the system be less productive as it could be.

What activities?

  • answering emails or phone
  • Setting appointments
  • Closing sales
  • Teaching classes
  • Managing every single employee
  • Cleaning

I'm not saying you don't need to work, i'm just saying that all of the things listed above are going to distract you from being 100% efficient and building a team that can grow every single month without more work from you.

An appointment setter was almost always the hire that needed to be made.

I could see how an appointment setter would immediately add $5000.00 plus to the total revenue.

So as long as you have the system and you don't pay over 5k a month, it shouldn't cost you anything out of pocket to hire this valuable team member.

What an asset!

  1. Mindset

My clients have a mindset that most don't have YET!

They invest and always grow.

They don't make excuses, they are willing to make changes right now.

They are coachable, grateful, purpose driven

And most of all, they believe in the system.

I've noticed as I've worked with clients over the past 4 years that when they're alone, they are confused and all over the place... they typically are trying to figure out what is missing and just getting by afraid to pull the trigger.

And those that join my group, feel empowered and confident in the fact that we all have the same challenges and "if he or she can do it.... so can I!"

The only reason I agree to go to a gym and consult is because I want to help those that get it.... my clients are easy to coach because they have had it up to their neck with bs..

They're tired of tolerating low standards.

They're tired of doing it half right.

They're ready to have a successful business.

A business they can take a break from if they want to.

They're tired of struggling to pay the bills, and socks and tires of not getting paid.

They've sacrificed so much and worked so hard and they have finally said AB, I'm ready.

And that's why I travel around the country and spend time with these guys!

I want to see you grow!

But I can't help you until you are ready.

If you're 100% ready, then click HERE and let's do something big.

Isn't it time?

If not, that's cool.  Me and the Tribe members will be busy making an impact through our services!



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