Undisputed Mindset: What Happens When You Lose

blog Apr 03, 2019

 What do you do when your back is against the wall, you'd lose in life? Those of you who don't know me, I'm used to fighting in the UFC, martial arts, MMA, and wrestling. Those types of things there are lots of losses when you go one-on-one against someone. You don't win every time, no way.


So, I picked up some skills that I use now as an entrepreneur. I want to talk about what you need do when you have a plan, a game plan, a goal in mind but it's not going to happen for you.


Like for me, now I'm 34 years old I'm never going to be UFC champion. I was the top in my division, I was ranked as high as number two and number three. I was going to fight for a title shot, and then I had an injury, an eye injury. I had eye surgery several times and long story short that stopped my career.  


I'm going to talk to you today about what happens whenever you have these big goals. People go into college, they go to into a career field and then things just don't work out. So, what can you do to keep that momentum going and not go back as a failure?


People haven't always believed in me as a marketer, as an internet marketer, as an entrepreneur, and a social media coach. Believe it or not, a lot of you that may watch this may still not know that my brand is a lot bigger in the entrepreneur world.


I'm known as a business person then even whenever I was fighting. Now, my people told me that going into being a consultant like I used to own martial arts schools I still have a couple of gyms and that industry was too saturated and I couldn't do it.


I proved them wrong, I did it.


Whenever I transitioned, I started to help fitness owners they told me that that was too saturated. Just like how people told me that it was stupid to try to be an MMA fighter. And then I would never make it to the UFC and that someone from Arkansas couldn't do. The same thing happened with entrepreneurship, I was working on this whiteboard a little bit ago I just saw that in the background, I thought I could relate to this.


So, what I'm talking about is, I was just laying out some of the courses that I've created. These are just some of my entrepreneurial courses like Tribe Gym Boss, Social Influence, A Coaching Core, Accelerator these are things in the entrepreneur I've made. There are so many online courses now it's unbelievable and it's been like against all odds. People didn't want me to do that, they wanted me to go back to fighting.


It's not about what other people want, it's about what you set your mind to.


It's also about what goal you have and whenever you come to that point where maybe your goal is something else and you become faced with failing, you have to do something. I like to call it "pivot" and I did this in my career.


Maybe you're somehow involved in real estate, a real estate agent. It's not working out you could pivot and then start generating the leads for real estate agents. I mean, this is something that you have to be able to do to keep the momentum going.


Like I was in this fight one time against this guy Dennis King, he was top and he was one of the best guys in the world and my game plan going in there with my coach Duke Rufus was to punch it, to use my hands in my boxing because he was going to try to take me down. My goal was to sprawl, brawl, and punch with this guy. And literally he was slipping my punches, he was outboxing me.


So, we had to change the game plan between the first the second round and keep that momentum. Then my goal, my game plan changed to kick him. It worked, ended up getting a guillotine choke when he shot in with a sloppy shot.


But the point of that is, you may have one thing in mind and you're just going all-in but if you try to force it, it's not going to work. You have to be able to pivot. You have to pivot from what you know, from what you thought you were going to do, to what may actually be the easier route.


And you may not know what that is yet so that's kind of what I wanted to talk about today. And also just wanted to point out that, do you believe my grandmother, bless her heart I love my granny and she was very influential, but I told her one time I was going to be a business consultant and this was in my early 20s. This is when I was in the UFC and I was really into business. I was learning marketing, this internet marketing. She's like,


"What are you going to do after fighting?"


I was like,


"Well, my gym is bigger and maybe sell that and go to consulting."


She's like insulting me, talking about things like she knows it.


People pay money to consultants that can help them. I mean, to me it makes perfect sense. You pay me some money, I tell you what to do, you make more money it's a great investment. And she was like,


"So, you're like a restaurant you're going to consult a restaurant? What do you know about running a restaurant?"


And what's interesting now is, I actually have clients that have businesses like restaurants and not only gyms but all these different things. Because I know the strategy, the social media strategy that can help these different businesses. And I thought that would be interesting to go along with my pivot story of how my goal was to be a UFC champ but I kind of had a back-up plan.


So, which made it actually easier to pivot. But I promise you that my plan to quit fighting in 2013, that wasn't my goal all along. I was 29 years old in my last fight in 2013. I thought I'd be fighting until my late 30s or 40s but I had to pivot and I was not going to go down without a fight.


So, I went a different direction a lot faster than anyone expected. And people are still way behind me like I'm already working on this business thing for years. And they are still thinking, "Oh you're going to come back and fight." I'm on to something different man I've already pivoted.


So, remember that pivot and you don't have to give up on your goal or fail. You can just use that momentum and all the skills that you've come up with before. You've got skills, it's from all those pain, hard times, those late nights, staying up at night with anxiety. I've been there before and use all those skills that you have to go into your new thing.


That's it! I got a tough hop off here right now if you want to work with me. I'm going to open up a couple of spots in my exclusive mastermind group. We travel all over the country, in the world together. We've made every work online.


It's a group of really high-level entrepreneurs and you might fit in well with it. If you're interested in that and you're watching the replay, there should be a button down there that says send a message. Go ahead and smash that button otherwise shoot me a comment.


I also run people's ads, build their funnels, and coach you on something I call Undisputed Social Influencer. So, if you're interested in that hit me up. Have a good day and thank you, guys!


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