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I know we’re all obsessed with digital marketing. The newest Facebook ads, Instagram and Facebook stories. But the most powerful traffic you can own is that from your email list. As James Schramko says, "with email list, you own the racecourse!"

Your ad accounts could get disabled, you can get kicked out of Facebook and Instagram. Google could slap your Adwords, anything could go wrong!

Facebook and Instagram went down the other day and things went haywire!

But your email list is your own. Having an email list means you can tap your fans and subscribers any time. It means you could provide valuable and exclusive information to the people on your list. You could keep in touch with your current customers AND send targeted offers ANYTIME. Without being at the mercy of social media platforms.

So, DON'T SLEEP ON EMAILS! This is still huge!

Make sure you have a solid email database. Because with a nurtured email list, possibilities sales is endless.

Now, you might say, “Oh, my leads aren’t great this month.” Blah, blah…

Remember, there’s always going to be three types of email leads - cold, warm and hot!

The ‘hot’ leads buy your offers almost immediately.

They are going to come in to your school, so you welcome them. And make sure you create a great customer experience for them.

The ‘warm’ ones are those who say ‘maybe, it’s worth checking out’. Continue the nurture process with these leads. They’re already half-sold to your offers and may just need some slight nudges.

The ‘cold’ ones, who knows! Maybe they had one too many beers,clicked your ads and opted in under the influence of alcohol... 😂😂😂

You know the cold ones may be completely ‘dead’ after 90 days of no response to your offers. THEN, you scrub your list, get rid of the dead ones and take them out of your list.

A lot of people say,email marketing is dead. This study says, “NOT A CHANCE!”

Here’s a study that shows people still use emails and its here to stay!

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week where we’re going to discuss a super ninja way to use your email list for social media ads.

Have a great weekend. Keep crushing it!

If you’re needing help with your marketing, I’m here to help out.

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