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The 2 Step Challenge to More Effective Time Management & Productivity

combat business combat business success Mar 03, 2022

Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? Check out this annoyingly simple 2 Step Challenge to jumpstart your motivation, beat the burnout, and get back on the path to crushing your goals.

I call this ‘annoyingly simple’ because the key to this challenge is so obvious that it might make you kick yourself for not doing this sooner. Hang with us as & take a little leap of faith to see this through and NOT CHEAT on the process.

The Set Up…

** First, identify the ONE THING you need to get done right now. Only one.. (We’ll save the talk about the ‘myth of multitasking’ for another day.) For now, part of the Challenge is doing one thing at a time. So pick one, and stick with it.

** Next, demand the MOST from your team. You hired the best people you knew. If there was somebody better who applied to work for you, you would have hired them! So make sure that you’re letting them do what you hired them to do. Share your vision with your team, then give them the tools and the authority to successfully do their jobs. Then finally, back off.. & give them the space to work so you can focus on completing your project.

The 2 Step Challenge…

Cut your work time in HALF. If you had originally wanted complete your project by Saturday, bump up your deadline to Thursday. Commit to getting it done in half the time & don’t cheat on your hard & fast deadline!

Demand the MOST from YOURSELF. Expect nothing but excellence. “If you refuse to accept anything but the very best, you will very often get it.” -W. Somerset Maugham

That’s it.. It’s annoyingly simple.. But IT WORKS! Challenge yourself to see what you’re capable of when you push yourself. If it works when you’re training, why wouldn’t it work when you’re running your business?

If you’ve been training for 8 years, 10 years, 15 years… think about how many times you’ve had to push through your comfort zone to get something done when you didn’t feel like it or when you were down?

You are an EXPERT at breaking through barriers that stop the average person.

You didn’t get to where you are in your training without pushing yourself or challenging yourself to be the very best. You would never get 4 minutes into a match and take a break because it was too difficult or you got tired. You push through and get it done.

This 2 Step Challenge will harness that experience and drag it across that ‘barrier’ that we build to separate our ‘work-self’ from every other part of us. Instead of ‘protecting our work/life balance,’ that barrier actually prevents your strongest strengths from overcoming your weakest weaknesses.  

When you break down that barrier, you will be allowing your martial arts mindset flood your work life. That way, on Wednesday afternoon, when you’re a couple of hours away from your deadline or from the time when you have to stop working to go teach, you can clear your mind, clear your desk from all distractions, & push yourself to finish strong the same way you would if you were down by an advantage with 30 seconds left in a match.

Give this a try & let me know in the comments what’s you’re ‘One Thing,’ & when you’re going to complete it.