Stack small wins!

blog paul halme Jun 23, 2020

If you could stack small wins, that's half the battle.

A lot of times, we're always trying to do too much, too fast.

A few nights ago, some of my friends invited me to go out and have a few bottle of beers.
We haven't done anything since the quarantine and the guys been looking forward to it.
So we went.
It felt good to be outside and hang out with the guys, do some stuff we used to do before the lock down. But I made sure that it didn't set me back on my long term goals.

One small win for me that night was avoiding chips and salsa. Did not have them until the very end. 🙌🙌
That's a win for me because I'm following a nutrition plan and I have to watch carbs throughout the day... and I was able to avoid chips and salsa that night.
We're also flying out to Destin, FL for Tribe Mastermind next week. That's really exciting and that's also a win after being in lock down for months.

So just try to do that.
Always stack small wins.
Don't try to do the home-run all the time.
It's the little things that compound and build up.

Make sure to write your small wins in your journal.
Get at least 3 things done each day.
Get in your workout everyday, no matter what.
Follow your nutrition plan as close as you can.
And always build from there.

Always ask yourself, "What small things can I do that would help make all the difference?"
What can you add or eliminate daily that would have impacts to your progress along the way.

What's your next goal?
This is important because not having one is like flying without a flight plan.

What's your plan?
Stick to it, follow it get it done.

I hope you got something going on.
Be really focused this week, keep the progress on and keep pushing forward.

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I’m here to help out. 

Start stacking small wins!

Paul Halme | Combat Business

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