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Something even crazier is going on!

blog paul halme Apr 23, 2020

Last week, I talked about how ad costs are getting really dirt cheap at $2 per CPM.

Guess what?

It is getting even unbelievably cheaper to run ads today.

I've got ads that are getting CPMs under a dollar. 😲😲😲

We're talking 74 cents!!!

Right now is a perfect time (and I said in my couple podcasts and blog posts) to run awareness ads.
Don't need to worry about running traffic or conversion right now, just get awareness.
Be the one brand people remember when this is over with because all your competitors have turned off their ads.
(I don't see any ads except mine and I just run awareness.)

Let people know you're there, that you're going to be there to help them, you're going to help with their fitness, with their life, with their stress, all that stuff ...
I mean, if you do have a product to sell that can help people, sell it now.
If you have online trainings, online fitness classes, start selling them because the ad costs nowadays are unheard of!
Crazy times!   

We're going through a lot of uncertainty and a lot of strange things nowadays, but that doesnt mean you stop helping people.
That doesn't mean you stop selling your high-value trainings and services online.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. This is something we've never seen before. I mean, I can't remember if I've ever seen ads this cheap, even when I first started doing this.

A few things you can do after reading this:

⦁ Google Dennis Yu one minute videos, and you'll find the format to do it, to create them. Dennis Yu is the King of those

⦁ do some one minute videos

⦁ make some awareness ads

⦁ let people know, like, and trust you

Let people know you're there because things will change and will get better soon.

You want to be the one who survives?

Do the stuff above.

How you survive is by letting people know that you're there and you're the number one choice in your area.

So, go out and start running some ads today.


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I’m here to help out. 

Hustle on!

Paul Halme | Combat Business