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All the little things that count in Advertising!

blog paul halme Sep 11, 2023
When you look at people's stats,
their leads, their results and everything else,
it always comes down to one thing-
What they're consistently doing including ALL the little things.
Are you doing all these little things in your advertising?
Know that paid promotion are going to be way more expensive than if you have really good organic, engaging content that people know, like and trust.
So look at your data, especially your Facebook page insights.
Look at your analytics.
How often are you posting?
How engaging is your page?
How much reach are you getting?
These steps are going to give you a lot of clues as to why your ads suck,
or you're not getting as many leads as you need,
or why your lead costs are really high!
So before thinking of doing paid promotion, do these ↓↓↓
Focus on making good quality, organic content that's engaging.
Then engage with your fans, engage with the people on your page.
Talk to them, let them know you're a real person, reply to messages.
→  Work all the organic angles you can, that way when you start turning things into ads, you're going to get way better results, 
way more leads,
way more appointments,
way more students,
and keep growing your gym and your brand,
and be known as the number one force in your area.
Good organic engagement and reach = GREAT AD RESULTS!
My challenge for you this week is study your organic data, check out all the little things and work from there.
Get out there, crush it and have a great weekend!
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I’m here to help out. 


Paul Halme | Combat Business