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Last week, I talked about the power of email. Having a traffic source that's uniquely your own. I also promised some ninja tricks and we’re going over those today.

First, import your list of current members- people who’ve been to your gym, your past and current members. Then upload the email list to Facebook. If you have small audience, create a Facebook "lookalike" audience. Check out this detailed instruction on how to create a lookalike audience here.

You can choose from 1% up to 3% similarity depending on how populated your area is. You do this because you want to closely target people who share the same interests as your current list a.k.a. people who already paid for your services and have given you their money.

From here, you create a Facebook ad targeting this lookalike audience. You might want to do an ‘awareness' type of ad or something similar. Your top of the funnel/landing page should tell people exciting. What exciting things are going on and are waiting for them at your gym. Have a one-week special. Or a free week class pass. Or a 6-week bootcamp challenge or anything you can think of as an attractive evergreen offer!

Serving Facebook ads to lookalike audience means you are targeting the people. Those people that can be easily converted into paying customers. This is by using Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage. Cutting the trial and error phase short. Too much demographics on Facebook and Instagram can cost you through the roof!

Use this email list to send targeted email offers. You could also use this list to create a custom, lookalike audience. This is a simple ninja trick you can do to maximize the power of your email list. Here’s a  cool case study  on the power of Facebook’s Lookalike audience.

Have a great rest of your week. Crush it!

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