Monday Motivation - What To Do When You Fail

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2019

Motivation Monday! It's Alan Belcher and today I'm going to talk to you about something very important which I call a pivot.

So, if you're wondering what to do whenever you fail when you make these big goals. And a lot of you are making New Year's resolutions.

You're getting your life reorganized, I know I am. Cleaning out my closet, cleaning out my clothes, throwing them out. Getting back on my schedule, getting back on my routine.

Now, there's a lot of you that throw fitness & health into your routine and you've fallen on track already.

So, I'm going to tell you what to do when you get off track and you start to fail. Let me show you how to fail gracefully. And I'll tell you a little story about myself and how I completely pivoted and changed my life 100%.

So, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Alan Belcher, I'm an entrepreneur. I coach business owners and entrepreneurs on social media selling and on mindset. I used to fight in the UFC and that's how I transition into a speaker and a coach.

Mainly, my specialty is social media and I'm doing a 30-day entrepreneur challenge right now. This 30-day challenge ends February 15th.

So, the 30-day challenge, wake up early every day, work out every day because those are the 2 keys to success and a lot of people miss. If you're not getting success, it's probably because you're hitting snooze, you're working at different times. If you're not working every day that's not going to last very long.

So, do those 2 things and then as far as selling goes, if you sell something if you're a salesperson or a business owner, I challenge you to go on live video every day.

Why? Because video is huge and it's huge in 2019.

If you're in, if you're going to go live every day, I'm going to give you tips and advice on how to go live.

Monday do your motivation!

Every Monday, motivate people to start the week and do great instead of the lame normal post that you see on Facebook about people that are upset on Monday.

So, I want to talk about the pivot. Have you ever had something where you wanted to be an astronaut or you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or a professional baseball player?

That was my story.

I couldn't play football, my parents did not take me to the school that I wanted to go to play football. So, my school was small and we did not have football so I played with some basketball, baseball.

I love basketball, I started and I was good but I was not good enough to play at a high level. Baseball though, I like baseball and I'm good at it.

So, that's what I went, all in all, Alan hates school. I go to college because I want to be a professional baseball player if I don't get drafted first, that's what I was thinking on my head.

This Monday Motivation is about the pivot.

Now, if you go to my Instagram, alanbelcherofficial, you'll see an edited video of me against Dennis Kang. The first minute or the first 10 second of that video is in the first round, it shows us butt boxing.

When it says round 1, and keep in mind that Dennis Kang was number 1 in the world. He was coming to the UFC to beat me and to be a champ.

He came in and my plan was to box, move, and to sprawl, not to let him take me down because he was a really good wrestler, good grabber.

What happened was I went to jab him and he slipped, he was lighting me up. He was beating me on the feet with the hands. So, Dennis Kang was moving his head and was beating me. He beat me the whole 1st round with his combos.

I fell like I was losing. I went back to my corner, my corner always confirms and I confirm who I'm cornering. You lost the 1st round so I know that. It was close but you lost.

And my coach Duke Roufus says, I'll never forget, he said:

"We've got to go to plan B."

So, plan A was punching, sprawling, it was not working because he was beating me there.

Plan B is do something to make him go back into our plan A, which is for him to shoot on me.

So he says,

"Kick, you gotta kick him. Kick him low, kick his body, kick his body and try to hurt him. It'll be more valuable to kick his body because you're going to hurt his arms, right? cause he was punching me. If you hurt him bad enough, he's going to want to shoot."

So, I went out and you can watch it on the video that I posted this morning. It doesn't show the kick but I landed a couple of body shot especially to the arms and it really hurt him.

You'll see in that video where I shot in and I got him in the choke, guillotine choke and I tapped him out.

Everyone went crazy, it was totally flip in the MMA world upside down because he was a top guy coming to UFC and beat the champ.

And the new guy, I've only been in UFC for a year or two at that point, won. So, I won the fight, I won my bonus money and I also won the submission of the night bonus which was like a $60,000 bonus.

It was huge and it was all because of the pivot. Between the 1st and 2nd round, my plan was to scrawl and to brawl and to outbox him. But when that was not going right, I changed direction and I totally flipped it out with my coach's advice.

Which is a very important mentality to have, that is to listen to the coach. I pivoted and turned the whole thing around.

So, what I want to talk to you about today and make it realistic to you is like, I wanted to be a champion. I wanted to be the world champion. I wanted to be the undisputed best fighter, and that's all I could think of.

No one is going to beat me.

And I was working so hard, 2010 I was on top. That wasn't in the cards for me. That just was not working.

I kept getting poked in the eye, I kept getting my retina detached which is something in the inside of the eye which could cause blindness.

I had 2 surgeries and the third time I had to have surgery in my eye back in 2013 when I finally called it quits. I said,

"You know what? You're forcing this goal".

So, I want you to ask yourself, are you forcing your goal? Are you doing something that you want so bad that you're making stupid mistakes and you keep going down on that same path that it's blocked and it's not working?

Look for a different path!

Maybe you're in real estate for example, and you're not that good at it but you got the networks. So then maybe, you have to start to write ads for real estate agents, that's a pivot.

Maybe you're an MMA fighter or a Jiu-Jitsu fighter and you're trying to be great at that. But you can pivot and be like,

"Hey, my goal is to be great, have greatness, be successful, and help other people",

Live for a goal or a purpose like that in a way you can pivot and there's a different way to get there. Maybe you can become a coach, maybe you can be the next UFC coach.

The same way maybe it's tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, or football, and your career comes to an end. Maybe you got an injury or you're not just as motivated to do it anymore. You can pivot and you can still get what you want.

That's why I really recommend living for a higher purpose whether it's God or your family or it's just to change the world. Something that has a higher purpose, bigger than you, that's your goal. To help people, to impact people, that's part of my core values.

It's to impact the world and live a legacy to live for a higher purpose and a higher power. Increase my faith and my belief and those type of goals can be met without getting the UFC belt.

So, whenever someone calls me a failure or someone like,

"Hey, look at this dude talking about mindset and how to be an athlete, how to be a fighter and all these, and he failed. Look at him he was on top, he didn't even make it to the top",

"He failed before he got there. Why am I going to listen to this guy? Whether it's business, sports, or whatever. Why would I listen to that guy when he fails?".

I got news for you brother, I did not fail. You don't fail until you quit and give up and you start to go backward. That is a failure!

When you go into business and you completely change your mindset,

"You know this is not for me, I'll just go back to the 9-5.",

I would just completely change how I think about things and I'll actually become cynical and negative to people who actually do that and I'll start to tell them that it's hard and business has failed. I've tried that but it doesn't work good, it's working for some people.

Don't give up so easily, you got to figure out how to pivot to keep going on the path that you're in. Do not settle right where you are.

Just a recap, if you're in on the social media challenge, let me know that you're in and that you accept the challenge.

To go live every day, work out every day, wake up early every single day. It's not hard to do! Once, it's hard to do 2,3,4 times and to consistently do that every single day.

I came up with something I call the undisputed mindset and it's made up of about 4 or 5 different mentalities that are really strong. And the pivot is one of the core mentalities and values that it takes to be an undisputed champion.

I call my brand undisputed now and when I'm speaking, I do undisputed mindset, undisputed sales. And sometimes people will hate and I'll get these people that say,

"What does undisputed mean? How are you going to teach someone to be undisputed champion? When you, yourself was not a champion in the UFC."

Well look, my brother, I fought at the highest level, in an organization, the major leagues of my sport at the very highest level. I was one of the top contenders.

The goal I thought was to get that belt. Once I changed that goal to something even higher than that, I was able to pivot and I'm still on the mission to do that.

So, as long as you won't quit, start reassessing and going backward, you can pivot and get yourself there.

That's it for today, I'm very excited! Motivational Monday, I would love to do this in the morning sometimes but I'm more creative at 2 o'clock.

So, I'm going to start going live at about 2 o'clock or so every single day. As always, hustle, hustle, win. Do it anyway! I'll see you guys later. Thank you very much. Good day. Peace!

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