Monday Motivation - Every Day is a Game Day

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019

I've got news for you guys that have something coming up. Maybe a big game coming up, a big fight coming up, an event. Or maybe you're looking for that time in your business to stop and do something else. Or maybe quit your job and start something else and you're waiting until Monday to get in shape.


The list just goes on and on. If you're just waiting for that to happen, I got news for you, it's happening.


Every single day you're making a series of choices. Your habits and the routines that you're doing every single day, it's going to be the results in the future.


So, you're already making decisions, making choices and you're creating the path that you're going down every single day.


What's up, guys? It's Alan Belcher. Here is what I want to talk about, we're talking about mindset. This is one of the undisputed mentalities. I call every day is a game day.


What I used to do whenever I was fighting, the fights that I lost in, even the ones that I should have won when I was fighting a lesser of an opponent, someone that on paper I should have been beating is, I put this big importance and pressure on myself for doing this.


You may be doing this right now with getting in shape. You're looking for that right personal trainer. This could be on some different examples but my point is the game day that you got in your head is not the game day.


Today is the game day! Today, right now, in my house, in front of this camera, making this live video right now and put it into work every single day is what's going to get me my result.


What's going to allow me to help enough people get what they want, so I can get what I want.


So, early on I want to tell you about this Destin event. I'm doing an event just for martial arts business owners. You guys know that I coach business owners, I help people on social media, gym owners and I have a company that specializes in martial arts business.


I'm doing an event just for that.


I know a lot of different people are watching and learning from me but there's an event in Destin. If you are a martial arts business owner, you could apply to get in. I would say you need to go to it you definitely do, but it's application only.


So, I put the link in there, you want to apply to go to that and have some couple of awesome mastermind speakers that will come to that event.


We'll also coach you and work with you in your ads for 8-weeks, so you can apply at that website. Go check that out.


Also another thing, In Thailand in April, I'm taking a group of people over there to train and to work on the business. So, we're doing our social media selling, our social media influence class, and we're doing it live in Thailand for 3 days of coaching.


If you want to come over there, you can stay up to a week, I'll be there for 10 days. I'll host you and I'll work with you on your social media campaigns.


My team and I will help you set it up and that also comes with 8-weeks coaching, working with me directly, working with my team, have my team watch all your stuff.


So, there's that, if you want to know more about that shoot me a message.


Let's get back to every day is a game day. Every day is game day is an attitude that every single day you're consistent. You get into a routine.


There's only one way to make sure that you win and it's not by waiting for that day to come and getting yourself hyped up. Getting yourself amped up and being in a great mood that day.


It's by going through the trials, the tribulations, the failures, the bad days and the good days mixed together every single day and put it into work every day.


There's only one way to get in shape. I see people starting a diet, starting this new workout. And some people work out every couple of days in a week, maybe 3 o 4 days a week.


There's only one way to do it, there's only one way to lose weight, to get in shape, to get abs, to workout, to learn martial arts. There's only one way to grow your business, the list goes on and on.


There's a really one way to do it and do it at the level that you dreamed of but you'll never get there if you don't do this. You have to be consistent and make it part of your everyday routine.


Everyone wants that quick cash, they want to get rich quick, it just doesn't exist. You have to stop trying to hit a home run, it's not a good plan. A plan that works is being there every single day.


The guys, they train with me in the morning, we do MMA training. Some are UFC fighter, some are trying to get in there. The ones that are in there every day, they're the ones that we'll get there eventually.


The ones that quit are easy to forget. No one remembers the guys that quit. The guys that quit they're no there because they quit. If you keep going, you'll get there.


So, you have to do this every day.


Let me put this in some business perspective. For those of you who are following my 30-day social media challenge, going live every day, to catch you up on that I'll challenge my viewers that if you want to make more money, make more sales with social media, you have to start building up your influence.


You have to get better at speaking, better on camera, so I want you to go live every day for 30-days. Give people value, you can make an offer at the end by giving people real value, really help people if you can.


If you can't you're probably not going to sell anything anyways.


Also, challenge people to get up early every day and to work out at least once a day. The workout is every day. If it comes to Sunday, you're tired and you need a day to rest because you're about to hit it again, you can take Sunday off if you need to but working out every day is how you do it.


So, here's the thing, people think that they need a bigger opportunity and opportunities they do come. They're not as abundant as what you're thinking about opportunities.


But the thing is you don't really need a big opportunity, you could create your own opportunity.


When I say opportunities are not abundant, I mean like you're not just going to win the lottery. Or someone's going to offer you a job that you really don't deserve. Those things come to people who deserve them except for the random person that wins the lottery.


For the most part, you're going to create your own opportunity by having a daily, consistent routine. Whether that is social media or your marketing getting more people, making sales, making sales calls, I'm speaking money wise.


You want to make more money, you need more cash, you need to drive more sales. There is no other way to do it, to make money except to sell things. If you know a better way, if you know a different way to make money than sell things then I'd like to see that.


That's how I make money, that's how I like to make money, the only way I know is not how I like to make money. It's just the only way I know and I do love it because when I sell, it helps people.


I sell martial arts experience. I sell life-changing result in fitness and I sell business coaching. Things I've helped people go from broke, in debt and struggling to rich basically.


And the last couple of years since I've been doing this. Every day is game day beats talent every time. Some people can be more talented than you, they can have more resources than you but every day is game day is how you beat them.


When I was fighting in MMA, it wasn't the fight day. That's what people don't understand,


"Oh wow man, you made $200k in a 15-minute fight".


No, I made $200k because I've been practicing every day is game day for the last 5 years or 10 years or however long it was at that time.


EDGD - Everyday is game day. Big opportunities are not needed.


Now, let's break this down into a little bit more relevant, tangible type of things. So, like in sales, for instance, you might have a goal to be a millionaire.


How are you going to get there?


What is a millionaire?


Is that you're going to be there when you make a $100k a month for a year?


Okay, we're going to have to get a $100k a month first. So, maybe it's going to take you 2 years to get to a $100k a month and after 12 months you're going to get to $50k a month.


$100k a month is where you ultimately want to be because you know $100k a month for 12 months, you're going to pay everything off and you're going to be a millionaire.


So, let's say you need to get to $250k a month in 12 months, what we're going to do is we're going to break that down, take where you are now, and say “I’m 0”.


If you break that down, you’re going to increase about 4 or 5 grand a month. 4 or 5 grand a month increase for 12 months, so break that down to how much that is for a day or how many sales that have to be.


I remember the first time Mike and I spoke, he showed me his business, we got into it. I started learning it and he was like.


“Man, I see that million. I’m stuck and I can’t get there”.


And at that point, I had some clients that were doing that but I did not feel super comfortable or confident that I hadn’t taken someone when they’re stuck.


I can get you to a million years. So, Mike was one of the first people. Now we have several other people in our group that I help to get to a million. I’m like, I’m going to help them to get the $5 million.


You are what you want to be, you make your choice to be what you want to be that’s what this is about. It’s every day we make a series of choices, you’re waiting for the big one to come along, you think that it’s a big decision.


Me and Odie we’re talking about that today, it’s not the big decisions or the big choices, it’s the small ones, compounding every day.


That’s what every day is about, trying to control those emotional roller coasters. Don’t get too excited, too hyped up all in one day then fall off. Don’t get down in the dumps and get depressed, try to be consistent.


Yes, there will be ups and downs but try to be consistent. So, you break this number down, all the way down from 5 years, 3 years, a year to more immediate monthly.


If I can do this in 12 months, we have to be 90 days. Now, 90 days, what am I going to be every month? Now, how many weeks in a month, how many days, so I get a daily number.


If I have to make a sale every day, I need to know how many visitors I get into my website to make a sale.


How many people do I get to watch the replay of my live video?


How many clicks do I need?


How many phone calls do I need to make?


If I’m going to hire an appointment setter or salesperson, what are those key? And you break it down into every day. Health should be your number 1 even when you’re an entrepreneur.


Are you working out every day? You should be working out every day, make that part of your goal. If you’re having trouble with your health, it’s because you’re not making it a part of your daily goal.


Businesses, a lot of time is the same thing. Business owners out there, you’re not making it part of your daily routine that you live by and that you have a rule,


“I’m going to hit this every single day”.


Does that make sense? To finish that up, you break it down into how many sales call or appointments or whatever you need per day and you hit that every day.


When you start to be conscious of what you’re doing every day and you start every day over as scratch, like today I’m going to eat right all day long. I’m going to hit my workout today and in my business, I’m going to show up on time, end on time. I’m going to do this to these meetings and maybe I’m a sales team manager. Or maybe it’s just you and you’re just trying to get to sell some insurance or MLM or whatever that you do.


I’m going to give you a little bit more advice, this is huge, it’s simple but huge. The longer the day goes the less disciplined you have. If you’re not going to do kickboxing, for example, you may want to go for walking or running or whatever it is because it’s a daily thing. And when you hit that, it’s like checking it off your list every day.


Every day you either pass or fail. Don’t go a day without working out. Unless like I said, Sunday you earned it if you want it off or just go for a walk, it’s not going to hurt you that much. The longer you go in a day, the less discipline you have.


So, knock it out early, get up early, knock out your workout, setting down, go what you’re going to do that day, knock it out, hit it that day, go to sleep and start over the next day.


That’s how you become successful. Every damn day is a game day attitude.


So, set up your schedule, when you’re going live what’s your first Pain to Glory Ad, as we call it?


What’s the first offer that’s going to be in that ad?


What’s the next offer that’s going to be?


How to take those Instagram stories and those live videos and chop them up and make a video and repurpose them?


Getting all of these social media plans together for you. We’re going to be helping you do that in Thailand and we’re going to be training Muay Thai. We’re going to be enjoying the culture and hanging out for the whole week if you want to. If you just want to come for the 3 days, that’s cool.


To finish this thing off, I want to leave you with this, opportunities they don’t come once in a lifetime, they come every single day. And they don’t only come every day, they come in all day long, every hour you have a new opportunity to make the next hour of your day, a winning hour that moves you closer to success.


You’re constantly making choices and decisions, choose wisely. And if you don’t feel like it, you’re not quite on board and you just need a little bit more convincing, to hell with you, do it anyway.


Stop thinking about it and go for it. If you need my help, I’d love to coach you to your business, life, and your entrepreneur journey. Help you make the most of it. I’m living my best life right now. Thank you for watching until next time hustle, hustle, win.


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