Make Your Own Economy

blog Mar 20, 2019

Hey, you have to read this blog post if you believe that the economy affects your business. Or if you're someone that relies on people walking into your store or your dealership. I happen to be at Mercedes Benz right now so I'm thinking of car dealership.

But if you're waiting for people to come up and pull up to your lot to get customers. And you don't believe that you can drive the business to you and you can make the business, you have to read this blog post. Because you're a 100% in control of that, that's a mindset.

That's my job today. I want to motivate you to believe in yourself and realize that there is a skill out there that you do not have yet. That you can acquire, that can allow you to attract people and influence people to buy from you. And get whatever type of income that you want for yourself.

So, if you want my help, if you want me and my team to run your ads for you, we can do that too. The point of this blog post that I'm making right now is to tell people that if you're waiting for people to come up to the car lot or to your store and you're affected by the economy. Then you need to learn some new skills and change your belief that you're affected by that.

Amy did a talk in Destine and had a picture of this barbershop that went out of business and it literally said,

"Since the neighborhood has improved the status and better businesses that came in and the neighborhood has grown, we can no longer afford out rent anymore".

And that really hit me and said, "Damn, that's how a lot of people run their businesses".

A lot of people do that no matter what type of business you have. You think that you have to be in the right location or you have to be next door to something. You can create your own flow of customers, you just got to have the skills.

So, if you want me to help you with this, you want me to teach you how to influence people or buy from you on social media. If you want me and my team run your ads for you, I can do that with my agency. I do this for any type of business, whether it's a gym, restaurant, car dealership, whatever need those leads. Talk to you later!


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