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I got a Bad Review!! & Worse.. It's FAKE! What do I do?

amy magers blog Jul 03, 2023

As you become successful, you WILL receive new levels of scrutiny & criticism.

People you don't know, who have never met you, who have never seen your business first hand will try to hurl πŸ’© at you. Because people who have nothing going for themselves KNOW that they can NEVER amount to anything CLOSE to what you're doing... So they try to knock you off of your pedestal.

...and if you're lucky, you'll get a real gem like this guy, "Mr. REAL".. (Yes, that's the name he actually chose to use,) who recently reviewed our fitness kickboxing page & said it was the WORST form of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he's ever seen.. πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ which makes perfect sense.. since it's kickboxing… not Brazilian Jiu jitsu. 🀦🏻‍♀️

So, what do you do about stuff like this?

Bad reviews suck!

FAKE bad reviews are even worse!

First, facing undue criticism isn't any fun.

In fact, ‘Fear of unfair Scrutiny & Criticism’ is one of the greatest components in the 'Fear of Success."

This fear of becoming a target of negativity can actually cause people to self sabotage or take slower steps on the path towards their goals. It might sound backwards.. But this kind of fear is POWERFUL.

& I will admit it.. I’ve struggled with it too. 

BUT... & here's the "Pivot".. Here’s how I’m “retraining MY BRAIN,” to release the fear of criticism, to release the fear of success, and push past “haters” & all of the fake B.S… 

Higher levels of Scrutiny & Fake Criticism is one of the most concrete external indicators of your own increased influence.

And.. here are the exact steps I use to handle reviews like this...


1 > Log into your "google my business" account & 'report' it as 'violating terms of service.'

2 > Google will give you 4 options to select to describe which term the review violates. Select One.

  • For this particular one, I had a few options to choose from.. but I ended up selecting "conflict of interest" since they directly reference another school.. (that's not even close enough to us to be a competitor.. 🀷🏻‍♀️ but still.. it appears to be "Mr. Real's" aim to promote his academy in this review.
  • Being that it's not even on the same business page as our BJJ business, I could have also selected "Irrelevant" but either way.. this one qualifies.

3 > Take a deep breath. It WILL take a couple of days for this process to take place. So, check your emails from Google while you watch them work. Continue flagging if you don't get your desired result right away..

  • Stay Vigilant & work the system..
  • Although, I've found that Google is pretty good about resolving things like this. They want their info to be accurate & helpful.. unlike Yelp. So they will remove things that would be misleading to Google users.

4 > Also.. during that deep breath, understand that anyone who happens to read this review during those 5-7 business days before it gets resolved will judge the person who wrote it SO MUCH MORE harshly than they judge you.

  • I've had people come in before laughing about them on their first day.
  • This isn't most people's first Google rodeo. We are all pretty review savvy. Most people can spot a fake one from a mile away. So, don't sweat it too much.

5 > And finally.. Pat yourself on the back. πŸ‘πŸ» You're making it. You're doing things right. And you're keeping your eyes on the path ahead.

I truly believe that Step #5 is what makes success & getting ahead in this world truly EASY. Most people never understand where to focus their attention.

They look side to side..

They worry about what everyone else is doing.

They try to cut others down in an effort to help themselves get ahead.

They make excuses for their own failures..

They jump from one thing to the next hoping for the next shortcut to the top & it NEVER comes.

...and it makes them SO EASY TO PASS UP!!

You know what they NEVER do?

They never ADD value.. ever..

They never focus on providing a SUPERIOR experience to their clients/students.

They never work on their own personal development.

They never set actionable goals

They never make plans to have a successful future.

Focus on the RIGHT things & you will soar over 98% of the people out there.. many of whom are jumping & reaching out to grab your ankles & pull you down as you fly by.

You'll know they exist.

But they no longer deserve your attention.

So give yourself a high five & press on.

What you're doing is WAY TOO VALUABLE to others to be stopped.

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