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Uncategorized Feb 20, 2019

If you want to get more customers or get more leads, I’m about to make training on that right now. I’m probably only going to talk for about 5 minutes but I know that I can get you motivated. And give you the information that you need.


So, if you’ve been looking for more customers, more leads, more clients, more money, more revenue for your business, there’s a way to get that.


It happens to be the same exact way to get anything in your life. I’ll tell you, attract people, it’s the same way that you get a boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s the same way for anything.


If you’re looking for doors and opportunities, this is how you open those doors and go to the next thing. It’s all mentality and it’s all mindset, that’s what I’m about to teach you right now.


There is a certain mindset that if you adopt, you’ll be able to dominate. You’ll definitely have an advantage of it because a lot of people don’t think this way. You know this and whenever I say it, you’ll probably like negative, scenic inside of you may say,


“I already knew that.”


But you’re not understanding how important it is.


Here’s the idea, the mentality and it’s part of the set of mentalities that I call undisputed mindset. There are a few special mentalities that if you have these, you’ll dominate in business and in life in general. It’s more specifically in business because I know you guys watching are entrepreneurs and you want to grow your business.


So the idea, the mentality that you want to adopt is to be more valuable.


This helps out in so many ways. It’s more attractive to be more valuable. You can charge a higher price. If you’re more valuable, it’s going to seem like they’re getting a discount even if you sell at a high price.


I'm in a couple of gym owner groups, martial arts groups because I have a business that coaches those and runs ads just for them as well. I asked one of the groups about what was their highest price program and I had some smart ass in there say,


“What are we trying to do? Just see how much we can charge people?”.


Well no but we’re trying to be as valuable as possible because if I know how valuable you are, I know how much you can charge. I know how much probably you do charge and I know if you have trouble getting that.


So, if you want to charge more, you want to get more clients, you need to be more valuable.


For those of you who are struggling in the area of your life let’s say getting a job. Hopefully, there's none of you but if it is, you’re trying to get a job. You’re number 1 job now is called, "My job is to get a job."


You wake up every day and you go all day long trying to get a job. The next thing is how can I get the skills that make myself more skillful than other people out there. So I’ve got to cut to the head of the line.


Same way if you’re trying to make a sports team, trying to get to college sports. Or if any of you have kids and they want to make it to college and get a scholarship. The more valuable you are to colleges then it’s going to be easier for you.


So, what is valuable to a college sports team? Getting more skills.


If you’re trying to get more clients, if you can be more skilled and can be more valuable to them then it could be a lot easier to attract them and to sell to them.


If you are one of these lonely, I can’t catch a break, I can’t get a date, I’m lonely for Valentine's day, man or woman, that’s half your problem right there. You’re not focusing on you as the problem, you’re the problem.


If you want somebody in your life, you attract them. If you got only bad friends, just sucked you down, that’s your own fault, you need to become more valuable.


Who are you hanging around with?


Who are you learning from?


Who's your coach?


Who are the people lower than you that you’re coaching?


Are you reaching way down to the people that you can’t help?


Or are your clients way down low?


Are you working with strong clients?


What kind of food are you eating?


What’s your workout plan?


How are you valuable?


That’s what I want you to ask yourself.


Let me talk a little bit about how to make this spin around social media because that’s my thing. I help people attract their perfect customer and make money through social media.


So, I have one guy, I saw him post on social media a few times about getting personal training clients. I’ll probably do a whole training on how to get personal training client on a different time. But let me give you a little bit of advice about getting clients with social media and that has to do with this valuable thing.


You may be really valuable, as far as being able to work with someone, one on one with personal training. You may get the results but there’s no value to the person that follows you on social media.


One thing very easy to do is to get your current clients whom you showed your value, to make a video and post that on social media. If you do this one time, it’s not going to do much. You’ll start a couple of conversations, you’re probably not good in sales so you’re not going to get much from it.


But if you do this every day and you always incorporate these client’s testimonials into your post,


into your videos and everything that you do on your website,


you’ll be able to transfer the value that you have to the people that do not know it yet.


So, being more valuable will attract things to you and help you out altogether. You have to be able to share it with people.


In social media, how can you show that value?


This guy that I’m talking about he says, “I’m looking to take on a few personal training clients”.


First off, a couple of no-no’s, "I’m looking to" doesn’t seem authentic. Or sometimes people say, "Whether you are out of shape or in great shape",


those are like two Copywriting no-no. Never put that stuff.


Whenever you post on social media, you should be like you’re talking to a friend. You wouldn’t say "I’m looking to take on a few personal training clients" to a friend.


One thing wrong with that is, you haven’t shown any value to your social media audience at all and now you’re looking for business. You’re looking for money. You’re basically saying, "I’m wanting to make some money. Could anyone give me some money?".


So, how could I do that differently?


How about make a video that they can get something from it? And at the end of that video say, “Hey, I’m taking on a few personal training clients”. But if you earn it by giving value then the whole game has changed.


Another thing, I see the same person, later on, follow up a couple of days later but doesn't give value at all just a straight direct pitch, I feel like that person was just trying to get money. It’s not really about the person that they’re following.


Today, it was all about value. Have a good one! I'll talk to you guys later.


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