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Focus on being consistent

blog paul halme May 15, 2024


One of the main reasons most people don't even reach their goals is because they look too far ahead and ignore what needs to be consistently done everyday.

Forget about towering goals if you can't even manage your day!

Focus on your consistency.

Focus on getting key tasks done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, so on...

Micro over macro.

Here are some crazy simple tips to get you dominating your week every time:

βœ”οΈWrite down your daily, weekly to-do lists : list down your tasks and set a deadline
βœ”οΈDo the hardest task first: when you get the most dreaded tasks out of the way first, you feel good and accomplished. The smaller tasks will then be piece of cake for you. ☺
βœ”οΈWork-out : a healthy body = a healthy and sound, creative mind.
βœ”οΈDelegate: hire an assistant (or a Virtual Assistant) to complete simple, repetitive tasks so you can stay in your zone of genius
βœ”οΈSet up a system: having systems will help you clearly identify where your business is heading, which current areas need improvement, etc. Systems also help simplify and streamline your business processes
βœ”οΈDO NOT MULTI-TASK: some people are proud to say they are 'multi-taskers' but multi-tasking can actually do more harm than good in your productivity. Allow yourself to focus on one task. Then move on to the next once you're done.

I also recommend you check out this book, The Perfect Week Formula by Craig Ballantyne.

This book really helped me a lot. It talks about a winning formula to break free from 'working 60+ hours a week...burned out on your career...missing precious family and personal time to put out fires...and trapped by the "golden handcuffs" of success...'

Always be looking at ways you can do more by working less.

When you've identified your goals for 2024, break it into quarterly, then break it down to monthly, weekly goals.

And then you create your daily to-dos around those goals.

Do this consistently and it'll make your life so much organized and less stressful.

You will get way more done than you ever imagined.