Facebook Retargeting Checklist

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2018
Retargeting Checklist
  1. PLEASE make sure your website has the fb pixel code. Use pixel helper on google chrome to confirm it is set up right.
  2. Make 3 custom audiences in FB for website visitors. 3 days, 180 days and current members.

  3. Exclude the current members in your retargeting Ads.

  4. For the 3 day audience make a killer ad with an irresistible offer. Make 2-3 different versions of this to find the winner.

  5. For the 180 day audience make one ad set and then make as many ads as you want with your best posts or content. Provide real value. Spread the ad out so they only see your stuff 5 or 7 days. Enough to keep you first in mind when they are finally ready to get started.

  6. Now keep driving traffic to your website and let your retargeting campaigns do the work for you.

Simple and to the point.  If you need more help with this make sure to check out our Tribe Total Traffic Program where this and so much more is done for you!

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