Crush 'em BIG Goals!

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2019

Set a goal to do something crazy.

I mean a huge goal. Be number one in your industry. Maybe that's a little, that'd be too hard.

But maybe top 10 in your industry. Or have a $100,000 per year in your business, or $100,000 a month.

Go out there and hit that goal. Put everything you have into it and hit it.

Watch what happens. You'll never ever turn back.

You will be a high achiever for life. You will have a belief that the other people around you don't have.

There's only 1% of us out there. And if you're watching, you're not part of the club. You're not one of the 1% of people.

All you got to do is have some faith.

Set a big goal and go hit that goal. And then your whole life is going to change.

You will never, ever, ever go back.

You'll understand something that most people never understand - and that's belief.

Believe it. Set a higher standard. Go out there and hit some goals.


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