Attention Gym Owners

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019

Hey gym owners, thank you for stopping to read this blog. I know how valuable your time is so that's why I'm going to keep it really fast.

I swear if you're getting 60 seconds, I'm going to tell you exactly how you can focus on one thing that can help you cut through all the crap,

all the different types of marketing things,

different strategies,

mastermind groups,

the expensive agencies and all that.

And focus on one thing to increase your cash flow in your gym and decrease all the overwhelm. My name is Alan Belcher and I now own 4 successful gyms and a coaching program for gym businesses just like mine and yours.

I have hundreds of clients who are all using this one thing.

See, I've read this book a few years ago called the one thing by Gary Keller. And what it thought me was a huge breakthrough. I started asking myself every single day, what is the one thing I could do today?

And by doing that, it's making everything else in my gym business a lot easier.

I started an experiment on different things. I looked for it in the sales and marketing side. And then once I figured out, I got on the right track I started experimenting with my clients. When I got clients, I needed to get them results even faster.

So, we figured out this one thing, now we duplicated that and we tested it. At this point, we've proven all across the east coast to the west coast to UK, Australia, we've done this all over the world and it's not a 30-day free funnel.

It's not a bait and switch funnel, it's not a 6-week boot camp, it's none of that. In fact, not even a funnel at all, it's, in fact, we call it the no-funnel funnel. It focuses more on giving value and cutting straight to all the crap. And making a valuable offer to our clients and getting those leads at a very cheap price.

Getting them in and signing them up and getting a huge return really fast. It's working like gangbusters.

So, if you want to learn exactly what this is and you want to learn more about it. Not only me coaching and providing consultation. But me or my team actually building the funnel for you. Write the copy and then I will assign a dedicated ad manager to your account and plug you in into our mastermind group.

And we'll do it on a fraction of what these people are doing this high-priced mastermind group, high-priced agencies, I'm sure you've talked to them.

We do it at a fractional price and there's a reason why we can do that. We'll tell you whenever we tell you a little bit more about it the reason why that is.

But if you would like to know more about it and get started with your one thing right now let me know a little more about what you do. And then I'll have someone on my team reaching out to you, give you some more information and start that whole process.

Thank you for your time. Hope to help you soon!

P.S. If you’re wanting to begin building your gym, I’d recommend starting with a review and plan for your business. Click Here To Apply To Work With Us.

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