6 Laws of Influence

blog Apr 11, 2019


So, first off what is influence? Influence is better than just selling something or selling someone. Influence is more powerful because when you have influence you don't have to try. Once you build up the influence you can just pull the trigger and make a call to action. You don't have to try to sell.

In fact, one of the laws of influence is to not try hard and to not sell because that's the very opposite. That's the opposite of what you're trying to do. So, what's the first law of influence?

The first law of influence is always take the person from pain to glory. And if you can find a pain in someone whether it's joining your gym, or it's having a coach, hiring a mentor like me, or buying a car like Lex. She sells luxury vehicles and she matches people up with their perfect luxury vehicle. Everyone has some type of pain.

So as an influencer, first off before you even get started, identify who it is you're going to be selling to? What it is? What might be their pain? What might be the glory that they're getting?

Here's another thing, be likable, be admirable. Being likable, it's the second law of influence. It's kind of an obvious one. Even if I really really need something, I'm not going to buy from somebody that I don't really like. Have you ever sold a car to someone who doesn’t like you? It

doesn't happen that much. It can't happen. The problem that you solve has to be so big and you have to hit all the other laws and stuff that we're going to talk about.

So, be likable and be admirable.

What's the third law? You got to prove it, you need social proof. Prove it! If you add in social

proof you're going to do better. It doesn't matter what you're trying to sell. Add some social proof. Add in a story of someone that you helped do the same thing and it's going to convert better. Testimonial videos, picture testimonials, having an actual live person come up and tell

their story. When it comes to social media this is king! Lots of social proof! Guess what else is social proof? Comments! These automatically give me credibility.

What is the fourth law of influence? Influence uses scarcity. Until you actually make a video or you sell someone something it just seems too obvious. Like it's the easiest thing ever and people just forget to do it.

So, the difference in urgency and scarcity I can limit how many I sell. I say I'm only going to a hundred of these at 50% off. So, you have the next 100 you get 50% off or until this Friday. The time is ticking.

Next, let’s talk about reciprocity. What is reciprocity? If you use reciprocity you will become the king. This is the reason that this is one of the secrets behind social influence. My whole system of how I did live videos and all this, I'm going to give you guys the secret away right here.

Reciprocity is where you give something in and you don't expect something back. But the act of giving it right makes them want to give you something back. So, when you give that reciprocity they're more likely to give you money back.

The last law of influence is don't sell. Making an offer is not what I consider selling. I just say the offer, this is how I present my product and my price, that's not selling. Selling is influencing and there's a lot that goes into very psychological.

I can make an offer, it's not necessarily selling. Don't sell means don't beg. Whenever I get into a sales situation, if I come on in a bat bag and I sell it to you, you're going to win that. I think of everything as a battle. I know you're supposed to be very helpful and want to give and help people.

If you're my client and we're in a sales situation, I'm going to be nice, I'm going to be likable and admirable but I'm not going to sell to you because the person selling is the loser. I want my prospect to sell to me so I'm going to ask questions.

If someone comes and says I'm not ready to buy today, you say I'm not ready to sell anything today. Don't play their game, they want you to sell. If they ask how much is it, say it's a lot I don't know if you would qualify for it. I'm saying don't sell ever, make them sell. You don't overcome objections, make them overcome the objections. So, that's the last law of influence.


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