3 Rules To Be Undisputed Best

blog Mar 06, 2019

What's up team? How are you doing? Hustle nation, How are you doing? Now, I'm going to tell you three rules that I live by that if you want to be the undisputed best in your market and you want to be a real true hustler and be successful, you're going to want to live by these rules right here.

So, here is what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about these rules because if you don't have rules in your life, you don't know where you're messing up.

If you want to transform into a different person, there's got to be some accountability and rules that you can live by. Something that can remind you of every day. And there are 3 really big ones that I feel the most successful millionaires do and anyone who's ever done anything lives something like this.

I've tried to adapt these and to remind myself of these, I lived by them every day. And I've known these very well, I've repeated them several times and they're important to me.

So, before I get started on that, I just want to let you know about the stuff I've been super busy last week. I didn't get the change to go live. I was working with a lot of new clients. We're getting ready for our Destine Mastermind Retreat. We took on a bunch of new ad client, we're just running their ads for them.

And I'm also launching a new group that is just an online course. That's for trainers, coaches, and people that want to do coaching. You have the knowledge to share and you want to start an online coaching business. And that's been really crazy, I've got dozens of messages about that and I'm going to be starting that group next week.

So, if you want to become an online coach or maybe you want to start your own marketing agency. You want to teach anything. Maybe you're a trainer but you want to teach fitness online or you teach martial arts and want to take that online or whatever it is.

You got any type of idea for a product or course or coaching or whatever you want to do. Like what I do? Then I started a group of people that want to do that. All you have to do is reach out to me, reach out for me.

I'm still doing a Thailand trip in April so reach out to me if you want to go on that trip and go over some training on Muay Thai with me. I'll host you over there and there are only a few spots left for that. Just email me about that stuff or you can send a message here, and then I or my assistant will get back to you.

And then finally, if you just want us to run your ads for you and you're tired of trying to learn Facebook and Instagram. You just want us to run your funnel for you and build it, manage it, we can do that as well. So, we're taking on a few extra clients, not anymore for this week but possibly get you on next week or the week after, we'll able to onboard 5 people at once, once a week.

So, let's get into it. The first rule that I live by that I think you're going to like is the rule that says, If I fail or have a setback, I always think of that as a blessing.

Just gratefulness in general, I practice gratefulness every day. But specifically, if there's a failure or any type of challenge, my rule is to see that as a blessing and not a failure. And whenever you see the failure as not a failure but as a blessing, your whole world changes.

You start to see the things that people complain about, they're not that bad anymore. You start to see the good in things and you take every experience and you keep the momentum going.

That's probably the most important part about this because when you get a setback, it stops your momentum and you have to start over. You have to get yourself going and motivated again.

So, when you see it as a blessing, you're just like everything is a win. The wins are wins and the losses are wins. So, it's like a mindset that I live by. That's my number 1 rule because you're going to run into some hard times and challenges.

So, the second rule that I think that you're going to get a lot of is, I always just go for it. If you don't take the shot then you'll never be able to actually score. There's a lot of cliche things about that but you have to go for it.

Recently, I've been talking to people. Whenever I talk to them about how much I charge for coaching or run their ads, it's like there's always an excuse not to do it now. Anything is going to really help you. Anything is going to be an investment. If you don't want to just get free help, you want to invest into something good, then there's always something holding you back.

So, it's not the right time for you. If you don't do it, even if there's a risk that it may not work, you're never going to have the opportunity to win and succeed from it.

And third, finally, is I live by the rule of stop thinking so much. Overthinking is a killer, that exactly what anxiety is. It's all in your head. So, I tried to instead of thinking, I just make an action. I just take action, stop thinking and go for it. I got this saying, do it anyway, that's what I really believe.

When I'm trying to sell someone, coach somebody something, I say do it anyway because if you don't, you're just on the same spot. And it's just all in your head, it's just like the rule for going for it and actually doing something, take an action.  

So, that's the 3 rules:


  1. See failures instead of failures, as a blessing.


  1. Just go for it. Because if you don't take the chance, you don't do it, you're just not going to put yourself into opportunity.


  1. Stop thinking and just take action. And do it anyway.


So, I'm back on doing live videos this week, tune in. I'm going to try to do them a lot earlier than this, probably I'm going to try to hit them up by 2 o'clock.

So, if you're interested in us running your ads for you, let me know. If you want to go to Thailand, let me know. Then like I said if you're a coach or consultant, and you want to get in in this group, we're going to be meeting once a month online.

And I'll be working directly with you on your funnel. You need to go to a webinar or a case study or video sales letter. And if you don't know any of this stuff, that's cool, I'm going to teach you what it is. I'm going to teach you how to video ad, like the ones you might see me do sometimes that leads to that. And then the person either buys your course or your program or you get on the phone sell some coaching session yourself.

So, if that sounds like something that you want to do, hit me up. Thank you for reading as always, I'll talk to you later.


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