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The number one business killer!

alan belcher blog May 29, 2024

There could be a lot of factors why businesses don’t make it.

But personally, I believe, your consistency (or lack of it) makes or breaks your business.

Think about your goals.

Are you trying to improve your income?
Maybe improve your business revenue? 
Are you trying to scale your company?
Grow your Instagram and your Facebook?
Start a business? 

Are you doing something every day to move you closer to your goals?

Are your actions consistent?

Ask yourself, "Am I really aligning my resources with my goals?"

Every day is game day and you have to be smart about using your resources every day, especially your time!

Time is your most valuable resource. 


I challenge you to really be honest about where you’re at right now and put in effort every day.

It may take longer but if you consistently grow your business, you will get there!

Today is another game day!