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Not Sure What To Do To Promote Your Business on Black Friday?

combat business blog Nov 07, 2018

**Not Sure What To Do To Promote Your Business on Black Friday? Check Out This Simple Black Friday Sale Formula & Launch NOW!**

We’re six weeks out from Christmas and you can’t pass a retailer who isn’t running some kind of sale. As business owners, we know that this is “Sale Season”.. the time for us to get our ledgers ‘back in the black’ after a slow summer. Combine that with cooler temperatures and fewer outdoor activities, and our industry is ripe for a seasonal bump.

So how do we take advantage of the Black Friday & Holiday shopping season AND build momentum for a killer January/New Year’s Resolution promotion? Simple. We jump into the fray & launch a Black Friday Sale.

Every year, Black Friday sales start creeping earlier and earlier. My email is already filling up with “Pre-Black Friday” Doorbusters. But if you haven’t launched anything yet, you’re not too late.. Not yet. You can still get in front of the larger online retailers if you launch by the beginning of next week. Can’t get anything off the ground by then? Launch on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, or even the week after. But get SOMETHING going in November!

If you love the idea of running a promotion, but you’re at a loss to which kind of sale to run, check out this little formula to help you come up with the a simple promotion that you can have ready in just a few days time.

First, what do you have ON HAND and available to sell right now? Is it sparring gear or apparel? Awesome, bundle pieces together for a killer deal. Then email your clients with the offers & tell them to forward the email to their wives/significant others. Offer to be “Santa’s Helper’ & help their wives look like heroes when they give their husbands the gifts they really want this year. You’ll make the significant others happy, you move your merchandise, boost your bottom line, and put some wishlist items under the trees of your best clients. How many ‘wins’ is that?

No gear? No problem? Do a membership sale or a private lesson package deal to your current clients. Give your business a little cash injection as your clients get a great deal for paid in full memberships of bundled private training.

Add an extra layer of holiday cheer by combining your sale with a charitable donation. For example, give your students $50, $75, or $100 off of their paid in full membership or private lesson package IF they bring in a new unwrapped toy donation or 10 non-perishable food items. Some of your clients will take advantage of your sale just to participate in the charitable donation! And as a bonus, you get some good P.R. for doing something great for your community.

Don’t want to sell memberships or don’t do private lessons? You can use the charitable donation method to increase trials too! Waive a percentage, or the entire cost of your trial with a toy or food donation!

Now blow it up! National charities have great name recognition, but try connecting with a local charity & tag them every time you promote your sale. Cross promotion connects you with the local charity increasing attention to their cause AND it gets YOUR name in front of a group of people who may have never heard of you before. Another win/win!

Black Friday sales are not only for huge retailers, they are a vital part of any successful business’s 4th quarter marketing plan. Skipping them is not an option if you want to set yourself up for a booming 2018. Use this formula & hop on one of these free & easy to implement promotion ideas. 
1. Use goods and services that you already have in house. 
2. Put a unique holiday or charitable spin on it
3. Promote & cross promote
& you’ll set yourself up to get back in the black.