Inconsistency: Business Killer

alan belcher blog Jul 10, 2019

One thing killing your success and your goals and it's your consistency.

I'm gonna be talking about how every day is game day and I'm gonna give you guys some stuff that you can do every single day if you have big goals. 

Now, I want to challenge you to think about your goals and say, "Hey, am I really aligning my resources with my goals?". 

What's your most valuable resource? TIME---- time is your most valuable resource. 

What I want you to do is I want you to tell me in the comments are you doing everything that you can do to treat every single day like it's the game day and keep working towards your goal?

All right, and I want you to put your goals on all grow up to the side. 

Are you trying to improve your income? improve your business revenue? 

Are you trying to scale your company? Grow your Instagram and your Facebook? Start a business? 

I challenge you to really be honest and say are you doing everything it takes? 

So, I'm gonna give you a list of stuff, that if you do this stuff every single day, you can tell a lot better about getting closer to your goals. 


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