This Year, Put Your Time and Money on This...

blog paul halme Jan 08, 2020

Your audience- it's the number one thing you have to focus on your business this year!

This is something you want to put your time and your money behind.

This means, placing your focus on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where people could engage with your page.Also focus on Google, where people will be visiting your website. Make sure you set up retargeting on all three of these platforms.

I mentioned this on my blog before... Building up engage audiences is what's going to help you offset the ads cost, because ads are going to keep getting more and more expensive and it's going to be harder to compete. But if you're constantly building up an engaged audience, consistently share tips and valuable information with occasional sprinkle of offers - that's what's going to help you win!

Make sure you're really focused on building up your engaged audiences on the major platforms-Facebook, Instagram, Google!

Next step- own the audience!

Facebook could go away.

Google you could get your website taken down.

So many things can happen.

But if you own your audience, i.e. get them on your email and your texts lists, you can send your prospects and customers emails and texts ANYTIME!
So you always want to be driving people to different offers, it could be for free downloads, any kind of thing, free training, trial offers and more!

Start building up your email list and your text list, especially if you can reach out people, because everybody looks at their texts and it's a great way to reach out to customers too, to keep them engaged with your brand.
If social platforms were to go away,or your page got banned, you could still email people and be connected with your audience.

This year, focus on your audience.

Make sure you build genuine connection and engagement with them. Build customer and prospects' trust.

Talk to them, keep them updated and make sure to get them on your list!

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