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"Your Complete, Plug & Play Fitness Kickboxing Program "

I was stuck with my business..

I had started a gym/mma academy and I was stuck!

I didn’t know how to market.

Then something amazing happened..

I learned how to make a squeeze page with a video and an opt in form.

It worked great for a while but my offer was weak.

So I ran across this guy Bedros on the internet talking about bootcamp business model and I was like..
“That’s it!”

My first bootcamp brought in over 10k and I was off to the races.

But then came the scaling issues.

The ones you may have now..

1. Not enough equipment

2. Too few class times

3. And not enough coaches

Payroll went up and service went Down

After all of that quick success, once again my business plateaued

But that’s not the end of this story. Nope.

I saw this video on YouTube of a group Kickboxing class and I was like..
“That’s it!”

It worked perfectly

It was fast paced.
Easy to run
It’s easy to get leads
The style is different enough to stand out amongst a crowded “fitness” industry
It’s super easy to market
There’s more perceived value to your existing clients

And most importantly,

1. It’s Scalable

2. It’s SUPER Profitable

Fast forward nearly 19 years and we’ve enrolled 10s of thousands of kickboxers on higher ticket programs and we continue to flourish.

But here’s the crazy part...

The gold rush hasn’t even started!

STILL, almost NO ONE is doing it.

And those who are, are doing it wrong.

So I put together the ‘Formula’ that I run at my 4 locations.
The Formula that I have easily plugged into my clients businesses with tons of success.

I’ll give you everything you need.

My team even launches the program for you that floods your doors with excited clients.

You get:
Complete sales funnels,
Instagram ads,
Facebook ads,
landing pages,
Instructor training,
Diets to give away,
the COMPLETE program.. Done for You!

Our sales funnel creates a “faucet” of perfect leads that come in, ready to buy on the first day.

I predict January 2019 will be THE BIGGEST start of the year that the fitness industry has seen and fitness Kickboxing is the program to help you lead the pack.

Your first quarter can put gold in the bank.

Just make sure you get on it before anyone else does. :wink:

I’m only launching 20 Fitness Kickboxing programs in January

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