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"Alan and the team at Combat Business Success are rockstars. They know what it takes to be successful in this industry from first hand experience. ...Through their coaching program I have seen first hand the benefits of working along side these systems and marketing ninjas. In the short time I was in the program I was able to take my gym from adding an average of 10 new students each month to adding more than 20 new students in just under 4 weeks. "

Darby Allen
Owner and Operator, Haanpaa Martial Arts

"One of the fastest ways to advance yourself is to surround yourself with people who have been where you were, where you are and have already arrived at where you wanna go. There is no faster way to condense time. Your only question is, how much longer are you gonna continue to choose to accept your current results and outcomes???"

Patrick Precourt
Owner of Free Tritac Martial Arts Training Camp. Cromwell, CT

"Incredible events with sophisticated business people handing over priceless information #topnotch"

Chase Taylor

"Amazing results! Gym went from 5-10 new members to 30 in the very first month of implementing the system."

Co-Founder, Infinite MMA

"Dude. EVERY SINGLE SESSION was worth the price of all of it."

Johnny Buck
Owner of Rogue Combat Club. Asheville, NC

"This is a team of incredible teachers that practice what they preach daily."

Mario Dillulio

"Great ideas and business advice...I run a school in the poorest county in TN and I use a lot of these principles."

Jon Haskew
Head Instructor, Haskew Jiu Jitsu


Sean is a strategic business coach, social media and marketing genius, and life changing keynote speaker. 

He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “How To Make Sh*t Happen” with over 131,000+ Copies Sold 

Sean is the founder of multiple companies including apparel and technology, but his role as founder and CEO of LIONS NOT SHEEP, the global movement for men, women and children is closest to his heart.

He will also be doing a training on how to make videos that impact your business.  He has over 1 Billion Views on his videos.

Alan Belcher

Alan is a top ranked UFC Fighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, successful entrepreneur and owns Multiple Million Dollar MMA/BJJ facilities. 

Being Co-Founder of Combat Business, Alan has helped countless entrepreneurs and academy owners 10x their fitness and martial arts academies through his coaching and membership programs called The TRIBE.

Amy Magers

Amy is an entrepreneur, business coach and Co-Founder of Combat Business.

Amy is a systems and business processes PRO, a writer and a mom of 2 toddlers who loves artisan food & terrible movies. She is 1/2 of the husband/wife team behind URSA Academy - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Fitness Kickboxing, & Kids Martial Arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Paul Halme

Paul is a BJJ Masters World Champion and the third pillar of Combat Business.

He went from being a stock broker for a major Wall Street Firm to running a very successful MMA gym for the last 16 years to now being a best selling author, speaker and business consultant who helps businesses make over $25k per month through his proven methods and strategies.


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