October 22, 2020 New Orleans, LA

Let's Face It.. 2020 Has Changed A Lot.. Especially when it comes to running a business.

But If you're HERE.. that means that YOU are a SURVIVOR.. And NOW is the time to take what we've learned, rebuild our academies, & come out of 2020 STRONGER than EVER BEFORE.

Alan Belcher

Former #3 UFC Middleweight, 7-Figure Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing Expert, & CEO/Founder/Owner of Combat Business Inc.

Amy Magers

Systems Expert, Communications Consultant, 10 Year BJJ Academy Owner, COO of Combat Business & Creator of the '3 Pillar OBS Model.'

Paul Halme

17 year MMA Gym Owner, Social Media Traffic Expert, CFO of Combat Business, Finance Guru, & Best Selling Author of "The Money Fight."

"When I started with Alan about two years ago, I was struggling to consistently hit 70K. Now we are close to doubling that. My goal is to have consistent 175K months by Sept."

Mike Stewart Jr.
Owner, Rising Tide Academy - Finksburg, MD

"We quadrupled our income in less than six months with Alan Belcher and his team at Combat Business."

Mike Dewitt Jr.
Owner of SuperHero Jiujitsu - Springfield OR

"One of the fastest ways to advance yourself is to surround yourself with people who have been where you were, where you are and have already arrived at where you wanna go. There is no faster way to condense time. Your only question is, how much longer are you gonna continue to choose to accept your current results and outcomes???"

Patrick Precourt
Owner of Free Tritac Martial Arts Training Camp. Cromwell, CT

"Incredible events with sophisticated business people handing over priceless information #topnotch"

Chase Taylor

"Dude. EVERY SINGLE SESSION was worth the price of all of it."

Johnny Buck
Owner of Rogue Combat Club. Asheville, NC


  • All New ‘Students On Demand” Sales Process - Consumers have changed. Period. If your methods haven’t changed, then you’re missing sales & leaving money on the table.

  • Killer Closing Method - Learn the exact Closing System that has added over $60,000 PROFIT this year to a member’s academy! This one change alone will earn your investment back AND MORE in record time. 

  • Rebuttal Secrets - “I have to talk to my spouse…” “I need some time to think about it…” “It’s too much money…” Never get tripped up on these objections again with these Game Changing Rebuttal Secrets.

  • Growth Funnel Scaling Secret Weapon - Want PREDICTABLE growth? It’s not just POSSIBLE.. It’s PROVEN. This is the secret. The Key Metric.. That makes scaling simple.

  • The 5 Step Traffic & Leads Generator - Closing sales & signing up new members is CRUCIAL... but only if you can get them in the door FIRST! Learn how to predictably get new prospects through the doors in record numbers.

  • And SO MUCH MORE!..


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No More Boring "Rah Rah" Events 

Students On Demand LIVE! - Is ALL about Taking Action... Providing Martial Arts Academy Owners With 'Actionable Content' That You Can Implement In Your Business RIGHT AWAY To See Measurable Results!

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555 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States









"I am so grateful for this company. They helped our gym thrive, then survive when the pandemic hit. Now they're holding our hand as we rebuild, as the market changes, and as we grow our programs & add a new one. They worked with us and showed us we were more than a number."

Ashley Dewitt
Owner, Superhero Jiu Jitsu 10th Planet, Springfield - Springfield, OR

"Alan's team was a game changer for us! Truly helped set us up for success and then helped us thrive through the pandemic."

Amanda Haanpaa
Co-Owner of Haanpaa Martial Arts - Rockford, IL

"I'm Proof it works. I went from picking what bill I could pay off to now being able to finish our basement. They have the answer. "

Craig Funk
Owner of Freedom Fitness & Martial Arts. Brighton, MI

"Team, I wanted to share a win amidst all of the chaos. We got our final numbers in for 2019 and our revenue increased by 150K! We didn't even join TRIBE until late summer. Looking forward to killing it after we get past this pandemic speed bump."

Gary Schill
Industry Leader & Owner of Peak Performance Martial Arts, San Antonio, TX

"Dude. EVERY SINGLE SESSION was worth the price of all of it."

Johnny Buck
Owner of Rogue Combat Club. Asheville, NC

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